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  2014 Election MASSIVE Turnout!
IF YOU want to:
SAVE America from EBOLA
Get THOUSANDS of Dollars
Give YOUR Child a MILLION Dollars
THEN Turn Out and VOTE Democratic!

VOTE Democratic for TREASURES in HEAVEN!!!
by Dale Lee Harris

God will be watching YOU on Election Day! IF YOU do NOT VOTE on Election Day, THEN God will know about it! IF YOU want REWARD in HEAVEN, then VOTE on Election Day and VOTE based on the teachings of JESUS CHRIST. HOW DOES God want you to vote?

To know the answer to that, first read: Matthew 25:31-46. Then ask yourself the following question. On Judgement Day, will JESUS say the following?

As YOU FAILED to go out and VOTE
for a Minimum Living Wage for the Least
so they could FEED their CHILDREN,
YOU FAILED to go out and VOTE
to GIVE ME a Living Wage!

IF YOU do NOT VOTE to elect Democratic candidates who WILL work to RAISE the Minimum Wage, then YOU have FAILED to VOTE to give JESUS CHRIST a Living Wage!!! IF the CHILDREN of the POOR in America GO HUNGRY and SUFFER because YOU did NOT VOTE to RAISE the Minimum Wage, THEN YOU allowed the MILLIONS of CHILDREN of JESUS CHRIST to GO HUNGRY and SUFFER! Will Jesus Christ say the following on Judgement Day?

I was HUNGRY and you FED ME NOT
because you did NOT VOTE to give ME
a Minimum LIVING WAGE.

Now I hear some of you say: My Pastor says that killing an Embryo is murder, so I vote Republican. ANSWER the following Questions.


Basic Economics teaches that SPENDING CREATES BUSINESS INCOME AND JOBS! WHEN Consumers or the Government spends more money on USA Products and Services, then Businesses SELL MORE and have to PRODUCE MORE. That means USA Businesses having MORE INCOME and also creating MORE JOBS to produce the extra needed USA products and services.

It is ALSO TRUE that International Corporations and Banks may HURT Small USA Business Owners and TAKE AWAY INCOME from Small USA Business Owners. They do that in three ways. They pay SLAVES 25 cents an hour, rather than paying USA worker 10 dollars an hour, thus having a cost advantage. They avoid REGULATIONS on CLEAN air and water and PRODUCT SAFETY for consumers, thus having a cost advantage. They use Monopoly Control of markets to destroy small business competition.

IF America BANNED IMPORTS that did not meet an International Minimum Wage, an International Environment Standard, and strict CONSUMER SAFETY, THEN USA Businesses would GET THEIR INCOME BACK and USA Workers would GET THEIR JOBS BACK! IF America enforced Anti Trust Laws, then Small USA Businesses would not be destroyed by International Companies AT WAR with USA Businesses.

IF the Federal Government RAISED TAXES ON BILLIONAIRES to finance MORE SPEDNING on USA Products and Services, then it would INCREASE USA Business Income! Thus the BEST WAY to HELP USA BUSINESS OWNERS is to do the following.



Republicans want to DENY YOU the FREEDOM to VOTE! Cutting down on voting options and adding voter ID laws work to DENY citizens their FREEDOM to VOTE. WHEN you are a senior citizen and can no longer pass a Driver Exam due to eye sight or other reasons, will the lack of a Driver License mean that you are NO LONGER FREE to VOTE? WHAT IF Republicans reduced the number of Voting Booths in YOUR Precinct, so that YOU had to stand in line for OVER FIVE HOURS to vote? IF you and others in your Precinct Vote Democratic, THEN Republicans WOULD reduce the number of voting machines and voting hours to DENY YOU YOUR FREEDOM and RIGTH to VOTE!!!

Republicans are DENYING YOU YOUR FREEDOM and RIGHT to VOTE Democratic, because WHEN you DO Vote Democratic, they pass Voter ID laws and change Voting Hours and Voting Machine access, to DENY YOU YOUR FREEDOM to VOTE!!! FIGHT BACK for YOUR FREEDOM to Vote Democratic, by Voting Democratic and getting others to Vote Democratic as a PROTEST against denying WE THE PEOPLE the FREEDOM to VOTE!!!

Republicans are also DESTROYING YOUR FREEDOM to be HEARD and SERVED by YOUR elected Representative! WHEN a Republican does what some Radical BILLIONAIRE ORDERS him to do, rather than what WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND that he do, THEN our Political Democracy of WE THE PEOPLE has been DESTROYED and replaced with a Shadow Government Economic Dictatorship of the Radical Super Rich!

Do YOU want one of the Koch brothers to be the unelected Economic KING of the United States of America, or do YOU want YOUR FREEDOM to be a part of the WE THE PEOPLE RULE of the United States of America?

THIS election is about ONE question. Will America be RULED by an Economic KING, or by WE THE PEOPLE?

FIGHT for YOUR FREEDOM and YOUR DEMOCRACY by KICKING OUT OF OFFICE EVERY Republican who takes campaign BRIBE money from Radical BILLIONAIRES to do what Radical BILLIONAIRES ORDER them to do, rather than what WE THE PEOPOLE DEMANND that they do! FIGHT for YOUR FREEDOM by kicking out of office EVERY Republican Puppet of the Radical BILLIONAIRE Shadow Government KINGS of America!

SAVE America from EBOLA

Republican OPPOSITION to Universal Health care and to the Affordable Health care Act, means that MILLIONS of Americans do NOT have health insurance! WHEN a person with early EBOLA symptoms shows up and does NOT have health insurance, then the Hospital turns him away! That PROGRESSES the disease and INCREASING the chances of passing on the disease to other people! Thus the LACK of Universal Health Insurance in America, due to Republican opposition, increases the odds of an EBOLA Epidemic in America!

Republican Opposition to ObamaCare and Medicaid
INCREASES the Odds of EBOLA spreading!
SAVE America from EBOLA
by ELECTING Democrats!!!


Here would be a good TV Ad for Wisconsin. Show Scott Walker as a Puppet with one of the Koch Brothers sitting on a throne of Dirty Oil Money and pulling the strings. Then ask voters the following question. Do YOU want a Puppet of Radical Billionaires in office doing what THEY ORDER him to do, or do YOU want a servant of WE THE PEOPLE in office, creating the JOBS that WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND and PROTECTING FARMERS from INCOME LOSS due to Dirty OIL in Ground Water? FIGHT for YOUR FREEDOM and YOUR DEMOCRACY by VOTING to KICK out of office the Puppets of the Unelected Economic KINGS of Dirty Oil Money! We do NOT WANT an Unelected KING destroying OUR Farm Land with Dirty Oil Money!

Get THOUSANDS of Dollars

I can PROVE that IF you turn out to vote, vote Democratic, and ask others to also Vote Democratic, THEN it would INCREASE YOUR ODDS of getting THOUSANDS of DOLLARS!

IF YOU and others like you, are CONVINCED by THIS argument and other arguments to turn out and vote Democratic, THEN we will have enough votes to give Democrats control of the United States House! As a result, Democrats will PASS the Minimum Wage and INCREASE Government spending to CREATE MORE JOBS! IF you are being paid minimum wage, that could mean your income will increase by over $11,400 over a two years period. IF you are unemployed, THEN you are more likely to get a job and see an income increase of over $50,000 over a two year period. Even if neither of those things are true about you, you still may get at least a THOUSAND DOLLARS MORE in income over a two year period.

PROOF is based on basic Economic principles. I have a degree in Economics and will explain a few principles. When the wages at the low end go up, it also raises wages for those above the low end, because of the Job Demand Curve Shift. Also, spending both creates jobs and raises wages, whether that spending is done by consumers or by the government. Spending means more demand for product and services, and therefore more demand for labor to create those products and services, and therefore more jobs. An increase in Labor Market Demand for Jobs also creates a Job Demand Curve Shift, that results in higher wages.

PROVEN FACT: When Democrats raise the minimum wage and spend more to create more jobs, it will most likely have a positive impact on YOUR WAGES!

Even if you get just a 25 cent raise as a result, that raise would mean you will get an EXTRA THOUSAND DOLLARS over a two year period! VOTE to GIVE YOURSELF a THOUSAND DOLLARS by turning out to vote Democratic!!! IF enough people do that, THEN you will most likely INCREASE YOUR INCOME!!! WOULD YOU turn out and Vote Democratic if you were more likely to GET A THOUSAND DOLLARS for doing so?

Give YOUR Child a MILLION Dollars
by Dale Lee Harris
Copyright © 2014 by Dale Lee Harris

We live in a Society where Grade Schools, High Schools, Trade Schools, and Colleges teach people knowledge and skills, but do NOT teach people what is REALLY important, namely the SECRETS to SUCCES in LIFE! As a result, parents who are RICH and SUCCESSFUL teach their children the SECRETS, while other parents do not know how to teach their children the REAL SECRETS of life. It is TIME for ALL CHILDREN, to be taught THE SECRETS to SUCCESS!

YOU as a parent, may be able to GIVE YOUR CHILD a MILLION DOLLARS, EVEN IF you are NOT rich! IF you could influence your child or society in a way that increases the average income of your child by $20,000 over a 50 year period, or $25,000 over a 40 year period, then you would in effect be giving your child a MILLION DOLLARS! If a person goes to college for 7 years after High School, then that could mean working from 25 to 65 and being retired from 65 to 85. That is 60 years of income! Your job and income while working also increases your retirement income. So, how can you increase the average income of your child by $20,000 per year? Here is my advice.

There is much that parents can do to help their children. One of the things you can do as a VOTER is to elect those who will lower the cost of education, provide better education to all students, and work to increase wages and retirement benefits.

ONE thing YOU can do to help YOUR child, to have a HAPPIER life, is to VOTE Democratic!


There are MANY reasons WHY YOU MUST turn out and VOTE Democratic.

IF Republicans win Control of the House and Senate, then:


IF turning out to vote Democratic resulted in helping you to GET a THOUSAND DOLLARS, GET TREASURES in HEAVEN, HELP YOUR CHILDREN, HELP FARMERS, and SAVE AMERICA and YOUR STATE from being RULED by UNELECTED KINGS, THEN would YOU turn out and vote Democratic?

Know the following. IF Democrats are in power to raise the minimum wage, it will not only raise wages for the poor but also for middle class workers. Jesus Christ said that helping the least, such as giving them a living wage, is the same thing as helping God. Increasing spending on education means your child could be helped to earn more money. Keep Dirty Oil Money out of Ground Water to protect Family Farms. Kick out of office all Republican Puppets of the Unelected Economic Dictator Kings in order to protect YOUR FREEDOM.

Radio Ad will WIN the ELECTION

WHEN Republicans serve UNELECTED KINGS with Tax Cuts for BILLIONAIRES, rather than serving WE THE PEOPLE with spending to CREATE JOBS and EDUCATE OUR CHILDREN, America is RULED BY UNELECTED KINGS!

Fight for YOUR FREEDOM and WE THE PEOPLE! Kick out of office EVERY Republican PUPPET of UNELECTED Economic Dictator KINGS.

I was HUNGRY and YOU FED ME NOT because you did NOT VOTE to give ME a Minimum LIVING WAGE.

Voting for the COMMANDS of your Pastor rather than the COMMANDS of JESUS means YOUR worship of GOD is in VAIN. Read Mark 7:7.

Save America from UNELECTED KINGS! Vote DEMOCRATIC for Democracy!


IS one of the Radical BILLIONAIRE PUPPET MASTERS of the Republican Party destined to become the Global Economic Dictator Anti Christ who will not allow American citizens to buy or sell unless they take the Mark of Approval and Obedience to the Anti Christ?

Follow the COMMANDS of JESUS CHRIST by VOTING to FEED THE HUNGRY by VOTING to give a Minimum LIVING WAGE to workers! Fight for YOUR FREEDOM and WE THE PEOPLE by kicking out of office EVERY Republican PUPPET of Global Economic Dictatorship UNELECTED KINGS!

IF YOU do NOT VOTE Democratic
THEN YOU may be RULED by
International Economic Anti Christ KINGS!!!

Republicans serve Unelected KINGS with tax cuts for International Economic KINGS! Democrats serve WE THE PEOPLE by TAXING BILLIONAIRES to finance SPENDING on USA products and services to Create USA Jobs and INCREASE MADE IN USA Business INCOME! International Economic KINGS who offshore TWENTY DOLLAR an hour USA factory jobs to TWO BIT SLAVE LABOR, are AT WAR with USA Small Business Owners! Republicans are AT WAR with USA Small Business!

WHEN the Supreme Court decided to allow International Economic KINGS to BUY USA Elections, they CHANGED America from a Political Democracy of WE THE PEOPLE to a Global Economic Dictatorship of Anti Christ KINGS! IS the House, Senate, and Supreme Court RULED by International Economic KINGS?

America began as a REVOLUTION against Unelected KINGS! Join the USA Voter REVOLUTION against Unelected KINGS by KICKING out of office EVERY Republican PUPPET of Global Economic KINGS! Vote Democratic for Democracy of WE THE PEOPLE!

TRUE Christians
VOTE Democratic

I was hungry and you fed me not because you did not vote for a LIVING Minimum Wage by Voting Democratic! Democrats support a LIVING Minimum Wage, Food Stamps, Extended Unemployment, Spending to Create MORE JOBS, and other programs that help to FEED the HUNGRY!

Voting Democratic IS Voting to FEED the Hungry! Voting Republican is Voting to NOT FEED the Hungry! On Judgement Day, JESUS will know if YOU VOTED to FEED the HUNGRY or if YOU VOTED to NOT FEED the HUNGRY!

Voting for the COMMANDS of your Pastor rather than the COMMANDS of JESUS means YOUR worship of GOD is in VAIN. Read Mark 7:7. On Judgement Day you will be judged by JESUS CHRIST, NOT by your pastor. So, VOTE based on the COMMANDS of JESUS, by VOTING to FEED the HUNGRY by VOTING Democratic!