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  2014 Election: VOTE to
END Unemployment NOW and FOREVER
by Creating 25 Million Jobs

2014 Election: VOTE to:
END Unemployment NOW and FOREVER
by Creating 25 MILLION JOBS!

by Dale Lee Harris

We CAN END Almost ALL Unemployment in the United States of America, NOW and FOREVER!!!

Let me repeat that. We CAN END Almost ALL Unemployment in the USA within FOUR years, and we can maintain a NEAR ZERO unemployment rate in the USA for HUNDEREDS of YEARS!!! It is in fact VERY VERY EASY to do just that, by CHANGING our policy, laws, and fundamental Political-Economic System. Here are some changes that we can make to quickly add MILLIONS of USA jobs.

It would be VERY VERY EASY to quickly END Almost ALL unemployment in America and maintain a NEAR ZERO unemployment rate FOREVER. All we need to do is make the changes needed.

However, we are NOT going to make those changes until voters KICK EVERY ANTI-AMERICAN Corporate Politician out of office and elect TRUE SERVANTS OF THE PEOPLE. As long as Corporate Politicians take BRIBES from Radical Billionaires to GREATLY HARM America and the American people, then America will CONTINUE to be an ECONOMIC DICTATORSHIP that CREATES Economic Meltdowns and MASSIVE unemployment ON PURPOSE, in order to drive down wages!

So, HOW can we get voters to VOTE for AMERICA and VOTE for USA JOBS? The SECRET to SAVING AMERICA FROM UNEMPLOYMENT is to do the following.

A public EDUCATE VOTERS meeting should do the following.

  1. Ask Voters WHAT THEY WANT the MOST. That will be JOBS and an END to almost ALL unemployment in America, NOW and FOREVER!
  2. Use an Economic Model of the Economic System to EXPLAIN HOW the Economic System works, and to PROVE that the MOST EFFECTIVE WAY to CREATED JOBS, is to do the following two things: TAX Billionaires to finance MASSIVE Job Creating Government Spending, and TAKE BACK OUR FACTORY JOBS NOW!
  3. PROVE to voters that the ONLY WAY America will EVER do those two things is if voters KICK EVERY Anti-USA Corporate Republican OUT OF OFFICE, and give control of the House, Senate, and White House to Pro-USA PROGRESSIVE Politicians.

OK, if we focus on the SHORT TERM, then the question is, HOW can we WIN CONTROL of Congress in 2014? We can do that with the following.

As an example, the EVIL ANTI-CHRIST ECONOMIC DICTATORS OF AMERICA have "negatively branded" the phrase, "tax and spend" to be bad. Thus, an ANTI-PEOPLE Corporate Politician only needs to call his opponent a "tax and spend liberal" to get people to NOT vote for him. Voters DO NOT KNOW WHY "tax and spend" is something "bad", they only know that they have been ORDERED to BELIEVE it is BAD, by their Religion of Money BRAINWASH MASTERS. But, WHEN WE TELL VOTERS that "tax and spend" is GOOD, BECAUSE we are TAXING BILLIONAIRES to SPEND on YOU and USA Jobs, THEN voters will REJECT their brainwashing and KICK OUT OF OFFICE ALL ANTI-PEOPLE Corporate Politicians!

KNOW THIS: I am THE INVENTOR of a system of Spiritual Psychology, THE INVENTOR of The PERFECT Ideology of Jesus Christ, and know HOW we can END almost ALL human suffering on Earth. There is MUCH I can say and teach. For now, here, I will explain HOW WE can VERY VERY EASILY WIN a LANDSLIDE VICTORY in 2014!!!

Follow my advice IF YOU want to WIN!!!

Bumper Stickers to WIN the Election!

Bumper Stickers and yard signs can reach many people. A thousand bumper stickers on a thousand cars can cost far less than one dollar a sticker and may be more effective than a billboard costing one thousand dollars. And it is something people can buy and hand out to others, to perhaps have thousands of cars that are getting the message out. But, the message needs to focus on THE ISSUES, not just a candidate, and use BRANDING to CHANGE MINDS. For example, make the phrase "tax and spend" have a GOOD association in the minds of voters.

Voters need to understand that, TRUE Christians are those who follow the Commands of Jesus Christ, NOT the FALSE Doctrines of MEN, who happen to be church leaders. Worship of Church leaders is a SIN!!! Jesus Christ said that if you follow the FALSE Doctrines of Men, rather than the TRUE Commands of God, then "YOUR worship of God is in VAIN"! We CAN WIN the Christian Vote by EDUCATING voters to the FACT that IF you FOLLOW the Values of Jesus Christ, then YOU MUST Vote Democratic!!!

We want a LANDSLIDE Victory of the Jobs Vote by educating voters to the fact that Taxing and Spending helps America and helps USA workers, by creating more USA jobs. We want to win the Christian Vote by informing voters that the Values taught by Jesus Christ are in fact the Values of the Democratic Party. We want to win the rural farm vote by informing voters that the Democratic Party is fighting to help farmers by (1) increasing farm income with wind mills for electricity production, (2) cutting farm costs with hybrid engines and renewable energy, and (3) avoiding farm loss risks by fighting against oil company pollution of ground water. We want to win the male vote, by informing voters that the Democratic Party cares about Men's Issues too, such as men living as long as women, boys graduating from high school and going on to college in equal numbers with girls, and reduction of the murder rate of males. If the Democratic Party keeps its base and also captures the base of voters where it has been weak, then Democrats win a LANDSLIDE vote and control the House in 2014!

Bumper stickers that use Advanced Voters Psychology messaging, with color psychology and font psychology, can be over one THOUSAND times more effective at changing beliefs and therefore winning votes! Select stickers based on the target voters.

For example, in the rural farm community, I would suggest a sticker that targets the Christian vote together with a sticker that targets the farm vote. If you want to concentrate on winning the Christian Vote, then I suggest a sticker that reads: JESUS told Rich: Pay taxes Feed poor, DEMOCRATIC Values together with one that reads Follow JESUS! NOT Doctrines of MEN. Zygotes do NOT Think. If you want to focus on winning the Christian Vote, the Jobs Vote, and the Patriotic USA vote, then I suggest the JESUS told Rich:... sticker followed by a sticker that reads TAX Billionaires. Spend on USA Jobs. You could have a second or third sticker that promotes name recognition of the candidate. However, do NOT associate the candidate with a party, but rather with the ISSUES that voters care about.

Those who VOTE based on the VALUES taught by JESUS CHRIST, Vote Democratic!!!

Those who LOVE the United States of America and want MORE JOBS in America, Vote Democratic!!!

THIS MESSAGE delivered effectively to MILLIONS of voters, including bumper stickers like the following on MILLIONS of cars, could give Progressive Democrats CONTROL of the HOUSE in 2014!!!


Jesus Said Feed the Poor
Rich Pay taxes Feed poor
Tax Billionaires
Zygotes do NOT Think
Values of Jesus
Help Farmers
Men's Health


One place to buy bumper stickers is at the following link:

You can shop around to find a place where you can design your own stickers and purchase large quantities at a price far less than one dollar per sticker. So buy enough for your family members, your friends, and people you know, and the price per sticker is cheaper. You could hand out bumper stickers to people who are interested, when you go door to door to hand out flyers. If enough people have the bumper sticker on their cars, we could CHANGE the hearts and minds of enough voters to WIN the election and TAKE BACK CONGRESS.

to CHANGE VOTES and WIN Elections!

A part of my skill at using Advanced Voter Psychology to win the hearts and minds of voters to win elections, is my ability to put myself inside the minds of others to think their thoughts, feel their emotions, and fully understand WHY they vote the way they do. I know what people are thinking, I know what people are feelings, and I fully understand why people are thinking what they think. I can therefore use my expertise in how the human mind works, to positively influence people to see the truth.

To WIN Control of Congress we must change MILLIONS of Christian Voters from voting Republican to voting Democratic. To understand how to do that we must fully understand Voter Psychology and we must also be inside the head of voters. Let me explain HOW to win.

Put yourself inside the mind of a Christian Republican voter and look at your yard sign. Make sure that you are seeing the world through THEIR EYES! How would you react to the yard sign? If the sign says something like, "Elect Democrat John Smith", then your Value-Belief filtering would cause you to REJECT and IGNORE the message of the sign as soon as your subconscious mind saw the HATE Word Democrat. Your conscience mind would not even get the message.

To win elections we must CHANGE opinions to CHANGE votes! An effective yard sign for WINNNING Elections must do the following.

To WIN Control of Congress by WINNING the Christian Vote we must have a message that does the following.

Yard signs and bumper stickers can help to change beliefs, but more often raises questions that will need to be answered with educational methods like flyers, radio ads, conversations, and public meetings. I believe the following yard sign design can help to change beliefs, change votes, and win elections.


Jesus Values Elect Democrats


PROOF: TRUE Christians Vote Democratic
End of Days Christian Reformation Movement

TRUE Christians follow Jesus Christ. FALSE Christians worship Church Leaders in place of God. Jesus Christ taught that IF you follow the Doctrines of Men, THEN YOUR worship of God is in VAIN!

Read what Jesus Christ taught in Mark 7:5-9. Then the Pharisees and scribes asked him, Why walk not thy disciples according to the tradition of the elders, but eat bread with unwashen hands? He answered and said unto them, Well hath Esaias prophesied of you hypocrites, as it is written, This people honoureth me with their lips, but their heart is far from me. Howbeit in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. For laying aside the commandment of God, ye hold the tradition of men, as the washing of pots and cups: and many other such like things ye do. And he said unto them, Full well ye reject the commandment of God, that ye may keep your own tradition.

Do some church pastors lay aside the commandment of God? Do some church pastors teach for doctrines the commands of men? Jesus Christ commanded that the rich pay taxes and provide for the poor. Read Matthew 22:21 and Luke 18:22. Have some pastors laid aside these COMMANDS of Jesus Christ? On the other hand, Jesus never said that a Zygote is a person. That is human opinion similar to the human doctrine of washing hands. Have some pastors taught for doctrines the commands of men?

It is easy to PROVE that the human opinion that a Zygote is a Person is FALSE. Your Soul is the spiritual part of you that thinks and makes decisions. A Zygote has no brain and therefore does not think and make decisions. Therefore, a Zygote does not have a soul and is not a person.

The Nations of the World recognize that Personhood begins at birth. People become citizens of a nation by being BORN in that nation, NOT by being conceived in that nation!

TRUE Christians vote based on the commands of Jesus Christ, NOT based on human opinions. They vote based on which candidates will TAX Billionaires to finance Massive Job Creating Government Spending to provide for the poor what they need the most, JOBS so they can have food, clothing, shelter, medical care, and quality of life. Therefore, TRUE Christians who follow Jesus, vote Democratic.

YOU can SAVE USA Workers from Unemployment !!!
The WAR against the USA and USA workers

If unions want to help the American people to get unemployment, higher wages, and more jobs, then union members must distribute flyers, bumper stickers, and yard signs that use Advanced Voter Psychology to get Christian Voters to reject Religion of Money Corporate Republicans and rather vote for Values of Jesus Christ Democrats. THIS will give Control of the House to the Democratic Party in 2014! That will mean extended unemployment benefits, higher wages, and MORE JOBS!

Anti-Worker Religion of Money Billionaires are AT WAR with USA Workers, USA democracy, and the American people! We are in a Spiritual WAR between the Religion of Jesus Christ that says the rich must pay taxes and provide for the poor, and the Anti Christ Religion of Money that says destroy democracy by bribing politicians to serve the Religion of Money Economic Dictators. The Holy Bible says the Anti Christ will be an Economic Dictator! Unions have the POWER to defeat the Religion of Money Economic Dictators and restore jobs and democracy by giving control of congress to the Democratic Party. Campaign like we are in a Spiritual WAR to SAVE the Jobs, Freedom, and Soul of America. Because, WE ARE!


IF YOU want to WIN the election and CONTROL of CONGRESS, THEN YOU MUST FULLY UNDERSTAND the following. Human behavior, including the human behavior of voting, is CONTROLED by what we LOVE and HATE the most and OUR BELIEFS on how to HELP what we LOVE and PROTECT ourselves from what we HATE and FEAR! The WAY to CHANGE the way people VOTE, is to do the following.

I am THE INVENTOR of the MOST ADVANCED form of Spiritual Psychology on planet Earth! I could teach a class to fully explain how human behavior works, based on my Psychological Model. Understand that to maximize the impact of an Ad, it MUST have the POWER of STRONG EMOTIONS, and have the ACCURACY of targeting desired behavior and the CORE of humans. I could explain more fully, but realize that the following Ads are designed to CHANGE MILLIONS OF VOTERS and WIN CONTROL of the HOUSE in 2014!!!

Run the following Ads or Ads similar to them on enough Radio stations to get the message to voters, and Democrats will WIN CONTROL of the HOUSE in 2014!!!

Radio Ads

USA! USA! USA! USA JOBS are CREATED by Government Spending on USA Products and Services. TAX Billionaires and SPEND to help YOU and YOUR FAMILY by creating MILLIONS of USA JOBS. TAX Billionaires and SPEND on America! IF YOU LOVE YOUR FAMILY and YOU LOVE AMERICA, THEN VOTE for YOUR FAMILY, AMERICA, and MORE USA JOBS, by Voting Democratic!!!

Are Anti USA Corporate Republicans GUILTY of Communist TREASON? Republican Anti-American FREE TRADE Off Shored FIVE Million USA Factory jobs to DESTROY over TWENTY FIVE MILLION USA Jobs! Off shoring USA Factory jobs to Communist China is Anti USA! We can TAKE BACK our USA JOBS by Kicking EVERY anti-USA Corporate Republican out of office and DEMANDING a BAN on SLAVE Wage Factory Imports. USA! USA! USA! Vote for the USA. Vote Democratic.

Republican Economic Policy is DESIGNED to DESTROY jobs and CREATE unemployment. Democratic Economic Policy is DESIGNED to CREATE jobs and END unemployment. Republican Lack of Regulations CAUSED Economic Meltdown. Republican FREE TRADE DESTROYED TWENTY FIVE MILLION AMERICAN JOBS!!! Republican CUTS to JOB CREATING Government Spending is DESTROYING MILLIONS of USA JOBS!!! If YOU LOVE America and want more USA Jobs, then YOU MUST Vote Democratic!!!

Jesus Christ said the Rich must Pay Taxes and Feed the Poor. READ: Matthew 25:31-46, Matthew 22:21, Luke 18:22. If YOU FOLLOW the Values of Jesus Christ, then YOU MUST Vote Democratic!!!

Is Eating Meat Murder? Should Eating Meat be Banned? Your SOUL is your WILL and the part of you that THINKS and Makes Decisions. A Zygote can NOT think and can NOT make decisions. That PROVES that a Zygote is NOT a person! There is NOWHERE in the Bible that says a Zygote is a Person!!! The idea that a Zygote is a person is a FALSE DOCTRINE of MEN. Jesus Christ said that those who follow the Doctrines of men WORSHIP GOD in VAIN! READ: Mark 7:7, Matthew 7:21-23. If YOU follow the teachings of Jesus Christ, then YOU MUST Vote Democratic!!!

Religion of Money Billionaires may destroy YOUR Democracy, YOUR Freedom to Vote, and YOUR Job! Religion of Money Billionaires and the Anti-Christ want a Global Economic Dictatorship. Jesus Christ commands the rich to pay taxes and feed the poor. Anti Christ Religion of Money says we should cut taxes on Billionaires, increase taxes on working class Americans, cut programs that Feed the Poor, offshore more USA jobs to godless Communist China, and cut spending that helps the USA with more USA Jobs. Jesus Christ says that if you follow the Doctrines of Men, then YOUR worship of God is in VAIN. To protect YOUR Democracy, YOUR Freedom, and YOUR job, teach Christians to vote based on the commands of Jesus Christ, rather than the False Doctrines of Men and the Anti Christ Religion of Money. Vote for the Values of Jesus Christ by Voting Democratic.

America is in a Spiritual WAR between the Values of Jesus Christ and the Anti Christ - Religion of Money. Jesus told the rich to pay taxes and provide for the poor. Matt 22:21 and Luke 18:22. Corporate Republicans REJECT these commands of Jesus Christ! When Corporate Republicans are BRIBED by Billionaires to be Servants of Money, rather than Servants of THE PEOPLE, then political Democracy has been replaced by Economic Dictatorship! To SAVE America from an Anti Christ Economic Dictatorship, EVERY Christian in America must vote Democratic. Vote for the Values of Jesus Christ. Vote Democratic!


The TRUTH is that WE ARE in a Spiritual War between the Values of Jesus Christ and the Anti Christ Religion of Money. IF we do NOT fight back HARD with the STRONG message of THE TRUTH, then Anti Christ LIES will win and American democracy WILL be replaced by an Anti Christ Economic dictatorship! We are literally fighting for the Jobs, Freedom, and Soul of America. Jesus Christ did not hold back his criticism of EVIL, and we must not either if we want to SAVE America!

If we use STRONG emotions and a sense of URGENCY, then we will have MASSIVE turnout and WIN the election. If we use a message that TARGETS the Christian Vote EFFECTIVELY with Holy Bible PROOF of our ideas, then we will WIN the Christian Vote and WIN control of the House! Therefore, using STRONG emotions, URGENCY, and the UNVARNISHED TRUTH, is not only the RIGHT thing to do, but is also the SMART thing to do!

We MUST tell the American people the TRUTH that the United States of America is IN DANGER of becoming an Economic Dictatorship of the Anti Christ Religion of Money, unless EVERY Christian votes based on the Values of Jesus Christ! We MUST use the words Economic Dictatorship! We MUST reference the Holy Bible prophecy that the Anti Christ will be an Economic dictator! We MUST use the phrases Jesus Values, Values of Jesus, and Anti Christ Religion of Money! ONLY the UNVARNISHED TRUTH will SAVE America!

A variation of the Radio Ad would be to focus more on actual proposed actions by the Democratic Party, and why those actions are based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, so that Christian Voters can fully understand that following the teachings of Jesus Christ means Voting Democratic! The Radio Ad would say the following.

A T-shirt to WIN Christian Voters

IF the Vast Majority of Christians believe that Electing Democrats is what it means to be a TRUE Christian, then Democrats win control of Congress. The TRUTH is, being a TRUE Christian does mean Voting Democratic! But, we need Christians to believe the TRUTH of Jesus Christ, rather than the LIES of the Anti Christ Religion of Money! One of the Radical Billionaires in America may be the Anti Christ, and some Rich TV pastors may have been given a TV station or a large church as a Bribe from the Billionaire Anti Christ. IF Servant of Money TV Pastors teach people to follow The Religion of Money, then how can we get Christians to follow the commands of Jesus Christ?

The only thing we can do is to quote the words of Jesus Christ and remind Christians that they are supposed to follow Jesus, not some Rich guy on TV! A good T-shirt to win Christian votes would do the following.

For example, a good T-shirt design would be a light blue shirt with dark purple letters. The message lines would be something like the following.

  1. JESUS told rich
  2. Pay Taxes Matt 22:21
  3. Feed Poor Luke 18:22
  4. Elect Democrats
  5. -> Jesus Values
  6. -> more jobs

ObamaCare = Obama CARES
DEFEAT Dishonest Talking Points to WIN

EVERY TIME Republican Brainwash Experts Roll out a set of DISHONEST and DECEPTIVE Talking Points, there must be an IMMEDIATE and EFFECTIVE response. President Obama should have a Press Conference to respond to some talking points, and leading Democratic Members of the House and Senate should have immediate response to other talking points. Case in point, ObamaCare.

Republicans are using the following DISHONEST and DECEPTIVE Talking Points. I give a response to each.

To WIN Elections WE MUST
Fight for the TRUTH

To WIN Elections and WIN Control of Congress there are certain strategy rules that all Democratic candidates MUST FULLY UNDERSTAND the reasons for.

For example, many in the Republican Party are not RESPECTING us by NOT using the name The Democratic Party, but are rather using the SLUR phrase Democrat Party. Radio Talk Show host Norman Goldman of The Norman Goldman Show, responds in the following way. He uses the phrase The RepubliCON Party. IF you do NOT hit bullies back, then they will keep hitting you! Their SLUR is a LIE, because The Democratic Party has earned its brand, because it supports democracy and democratic principles. On the other hand, the presumed pay-back slur of RepubliCON is fully earned by them, since they are indeed LIARS, DECEIVERS, and CON artists who CON voters into voting based on FALSE information!

RULE: Anytime a Republican uses the phrase "Democrat Party", respond by using the phrase "RepubliCON Party" until THEY APPOLOGISE to us and promise they will NEVER AGAIN make that mistake!

There are many other cases where they are SLURRING our BRAND NAMES. If you EVER hear someone say those liberals, you liberals, or any other phrase with the word liberal slurred in pronunciation, like L-iiiiiiii-ber-aaaaals, then HIT THEM BACK! Say You Conservatives in a derogatory way with an insulting slur to the pronunciation.

We could give countless other examples. The point is, we will not allow them to insult us.

Grass Roots Donations of ONE BILLION DOLLARS

Can Radical Billionaires DESTROY American Democracy, by BRIBING Corporate Politicians and BRAINWASHING Voters with Mega Dollar Campaign Ads? NO, for the following reasons.

As an example of using Voter Psychology to effectively target a message, understand that people buy products and also vote for candidates, based on BRANDING. IF you want people to buy your product, not the other product, or you want people to vote for your candidate, not the other candidate, then you want to: destroy their BRAND and strengthen your BRAND.

The Psychology behind BRANDING is to understand that people ACT based on two CORE driving forces.

  1. Their Perception of what is SELF and what is ANTI SELF.
  2. Their Perception of what is GOOD and what is EVIL.

I, Dale Lee Harris, teach that while modern psychology recognizes that the human Value-Belief System largely controls human behavior, I assert that it is rather what I call the Loyalty-Value-Belief System that largely controls human behavior. This is a part of my system of Spiritual Psychology, which includes both a Psychological Model and a Spiritual Model.

To explain how the human behavior of voting works, consider someone who votes based on the BRAND NAME: Christian Conservative. The first question is: WHY do they vote based on that BRAND? My Psychological Model would explain that it is because of the following two mental beliefs.

Fully understand this: IF you can destroy the BRAND, THEN you will CHANGE beliefs and therefore CHANGE votes. I could explain how that works, by showing the Causality Flow of Human Behavior, but that would take too long.

The second question is: HOW do you DESTROY that BRAND? The answer is by using psychology, logic, and the Holy Bible. Actually, it is very easy to destroy that brand, if you understand psychology, logic, and religion. Consider the following logical and Biblical arguments.

The term Christian Conservative is actually an oxymoron. That is, the term contradicts itself. You can NOT BE BOTH a TRUE Christian and a Radical Conservative at the same time! A TRUE Christian is one who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, rather than the False Doctrines of Men, who happen to be church leaders. Jesus Christ taught compassion for the poor and the rich providing for the poor. We could go into a very long debate on what is really meant by the word Conservative, and declare that a TRUE Christian Conservative would follow the traditional values of Jesus Christ, which is TAXING the rich and providing for the poor. However, those who use a modern perverted definition of the word Conservative use it to mean lowing taxes on the rich and NOT having compassion on the poor. You can NOT be BOTH a TRUE Christian who HAS compassion on the poor, and a Radical Conservative who does NOT have compassion on the poor!!! That is like trying to Serve God and Serve Money at the same time! Jesus Christ said that you can not serve both God and Money. Therefore, BRAND DESTROYED by LOGIC and the HOLY BIBLE.

I could give many other examples of how to use psychology, logic, and domain expertise to effectively change the hearts and minds of voters. The point is, choosing effective messaging can result in a LANDSLIDE VICTORY of the Christian Vote, Jobs Vote, and many other voting blocks.

In addition, we can use cheaper Labor Intensive Messaging to combat their Money Intensive Messaging. This includes bumper stickers, flyers, door to door canvasing, home voter education meetings, public voter education meetings, DVD Voter Training Classes, and other message means.

The Next Point is that I can teach HOW to get MORE Grass Roots donations. Here are some suggestions on what the Democratic Party MUST DO if it wants to TAKE BACK CONGRESS in 2014.

To reach the goal of getting ONE BILLIONS DOLLARS or more in very small donations, deliver a message like the following to voters through radio ads, flyers, phone calls, web sites, etc. I present it here in a form that might be used to design the content of a flyer to hand out.

Will Religion of Money Billionaires
Destroy YOUR FREEDOM, Democracy, and Job?

by distributing Flyers!

YOU may be able to get the help you need, which includes the following.

YOU will ONLY get these things, IF Democrats WIN Control of Congress in the 2014 election!!! But, YOU can help Democrats WIN CONTROL, by spending a little time to Distribute Flyers. My advice to you is the following.


Grass Roots Flyers to CHANGE VOTES and WIN ELECTIONS

Will America be RULED by THE PEOPLE or by The Anti-Christ?

The Anti-Christ Economic Dictators of America believe they can change America from a Political Democracy of THE PEOPLE to an Economic Dictatorship of Anti-Christ Billionaires by doing the following.

However, WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America can defend and protect Our Democracy and Our FREEDOM from ALL Enemies of Democracy of THE PEOPLE by doing the following.

OK, now that I have given advice to THE PEOPLE on how to SAVE AMERICA from Economic Dictatorship, I should advise Progressive Servants of THE PEOPLE on how to use flyers to win elections. When you use flyers, you must Think Outside the Box and NOT use the traditional approach to flyers. To be most effective a flyer must EDUCATE and CHANGE voters. That means not just going after Your Base by declaring your support for Base Issues, but also by using Logic and Emotion to change the opinion of voters! A good flyer MUST do the following.

For example, rather than saying in a flyer:

say the following:

To effectively EDUCATE Voters and CHANGE Votes, a flyer should include a Graphical Educational Display and a message that is both simple and effective. A flyer designed to WIN the JOBS VOTE would say the following.

The flyer would then contain a Graphical Display of the Economic Engine of a Nation that shows the simple facts that.

A flyer with an Economic Engine Model can be seen at the following link.


Voters Training Class to SAVE America and WIN ELECTIONS

Democracy works best when Voters are educated and informed, to fully understand what is the BEST VOTING CHOICE for themselves and the nation. To make a WISE VOTE voters must fully understand the following.

For THE PEOPLE to elect Public Servants who will do the BEST job of Serving THE PEOPLE, THE PEOPLE MUST be EDUCATED in a basic understanding of Economics, Morality, and Psychology. A Voters Training Class can give voters the KNOWLEDGE and WISDOM to vote in their best interests. WHEN Voters have the WISDOM to make GOOD voting decisions, THEN the nation will be lead by those who will make the BEST decisions for the nation. This would SAVE the nation from a great deal of needless human suffering!

An exceptional Voters Training Class would teach the following.

Note that such a class is shown at this web site, Voters For Jesus dot Com. I believe it should be watched by the VAST MAJORITY of voters in America, to help SAVE America from Voters who are BRAINWASHED by the Anti Christ Economic Dictators. I could also enhance the class and work to teach my class to ONE HUNDRED MILLLION VOTERS! WHEN American Voters are EDUCATED to understand Advanced Economic Principles, Advanced Moral Concepts, and Advanced Psychological Principles, THEN America will be SAVED from a great deal of human suffering. That is because voters will have the WISDOM to make the BEST voting choices.

IF YOU download and watch my Voters Training Class THEN YOU will agree with me. For Progressive Servants of THE PEOPLE to win more elections, a MASSIVE effort must be made to EDUCATE the Voting public!


To WIN the Election we must WIN the JOBS vote and the JESUS vote, therefore we should focus on issues of "Moral Values" and "Jobs". However, we also need to WIN THE MALE VOTE. To make GREAT STRIDES in the number of MALE Voters we get, we must PROVE to MALE voters that we care about MEN'S ISSUES and making MEN's LIVES better. IF the Republican Party were to convince MALE Voters that there is a Democratic Party "WAR Against MEN", then it could DESTROY the Democratic Party! So, we must PROVE that Progressive Democrats are also CHAMPIONS of MEN's ISSUES.

CONSIDER THIS: For Democrats to WIN Control of the United States House, Democrats MUST significantly increase their percentage of the MALE VOTE.

Also, IF Democrats can capture the RURAL Family Farm Vote, THEN Democrats will WIN.


Questions to Candidates to EDUCATE Voters

The Spiritual WAR between JESUS Christ
and the Anti Christ Religion of Money!

Jesus Christ said that you can not serve both God and Money, so the WAR between God and Money should be well known. Whether it was the Jews fleeing from Egypt but being tempted to worship the Golden Calf, or Christians being seduced by lust for money to worship the Bronze Bull of Wall Street, those who worship God have been seduced into worshipping Money instead. Thus the Religion of Money is in a constant WAR for power over the souls of men. Let us consider: what the Values of Jesus are, what the Religion of Money is, and how the two are opposed to one another.

If you say you are both a TRUE Christian, who follows the teachings of Jesus Christ, and a Radical Conservative, who is a servant of Money interests, then you are either a liar or you do not understand that compassion for the poor and lack of compassion for the poor are contradictory positions.

The Values of Jesus Christ include the following.

These are the values that Jesus Christ taught. Jesus said that the two greatest commandments were to love God and love others. Jesus said that we should pay taxes. Jesus told the rich to provide for the poor, both when he told one rich man to give everything he had to the poor and when he said those without compassion for the needy will go to Hell. Jesus told his disciples to not be like others, but to make sure that their leaders were the servants of all. Only in a democracy are the leaders the servants of all of the people. Thus Jesus Christ advocated both a political democracy and an Economic Democracy.

I can explain how Economic Democracy is the Perfect Economic System, that creates wealth better than Capitalism and provides for the poor better than Socialism. It includes elements of both Capitalism and Socialism. It is superior to Capitalism because it adds to the Micro Economic Planning of businesses, National Macro Economic Planning of the economy as a whole. It is superior to Socialism because it gives the poor jobs, rather than hand outs, so they are far better provided for.

The Anti Christ Religion of Money contains values that are opposed to the values taught by Jesus Christ.

The Holy Bible rejects these Anti Christ Values. Jesus said that if you are a servant of Money then you are not a servant of God. Hating others and lack of compassion for others are the spiritual roots of evil actions that harm others. Jesus taught that those without compassion for the needy will go to Hell. The Holy Bible prophecy of the Anti Christ said that he would be an Economic Dictator, who would have the economic power to keep people from buying and selling unless they had his personal stamp of approval or the Mark of the Beast.

Notice how the Values of Jesus Christ are reflected by the Values of Progressive Democrats. Notice how the Anti Christ Religion of Money is reflected by the Values of Corporate Republicans. Some may say that we should not call Satan and Adolph Hitler Evil, because it is not nice to call people evil. Some may say that we should not call Corporate Republicans - EVIL, because it is not nice to call people evil. I believe that a part of being GOOD is to REJECT EVIL by calling EVIL EVIL. I say that lack of compassion on the needy IS EVIL because Jesus Christ said it was EVIL and said it would send people to HELL! IF we do NOT inform Christian Voters to the FACT that Corporate Republicans are doing what Jesus Christ called EVIL, THEN HOW can we CHANGE Christian Voters from voting FOR the Religion of Money and rather vote FOR the Values of Jesus Christ? It is OUR DUTY as Christians to CONDEMN the EVIL of Corporate Republicans!

EVERY Christian in America, should ask himself the following questions.

HOW to SAVE the WORLD from Human Suffering
The Ideology of Jesus Christ
by Dale Lee Harris
Copyright © 2014 by Dale Lee Harris

The ideology of a nation is the Political-Economic-Social-Environmental System of the nation. The ideological views of Jesus Christ can be determined by studying the teachings of Jesus Christ. I believe that when Jesus Christ rules planet Earth for one thousand years, he will end almost all human suffering, in part through the establishment of The Ideology of Jesus Christ. When the Anti Christ establishes Economic Dictatorship, it will cause great human suffering. When Jesus Christ establishes Global Economic Democracy, it will END the human suffering of unemployment and poverty. I believe it is the Spiritual Duty of EVERY Christian to fight against the Anti Christ and fight for Jesus Christ. I believe it is the duty of every Christian to have compassion on those that suffer and work to END the suffering of others! I believe that includes working to END the Religion of Money Economic Dictatorship of the United States of America. I believe that includes working to establish a national and global Economic Democracy to END the human suffering of unemployment and poverty. Those who have LOVE and COMPASSION for others will also support work to END the human suffering of violence, rape, and murder. TRUE Moral Values means working to END human suffering and promote the greater happiness of humans and human society.

HOW can we END MOST human suffering on Earth?

To end human suffering we must:

First, what is the ROOT CAUSE of all human suffering?

Life is a form of existence that grows and reproduces to create more existence. Happiness can be defined as a state of well being or the promotion of health, survival, and reproduction to create more life. Suffering is the opposing state of lack of well being or bad health, threat to survival, and destruction of future life.

WHAT is the FUNDAMENTAL NATURE of GOOD and EVIL, what makes something GOOD or EVIL, and WHY is something GOOD or EVIL?

I believe that the Fundamental Nature of Good is the promotion of Happiness or a state of well being. I believe that the Fundamental Nature of Evil is the promotion of Suffering or a state of ill being. Thus, by definition, GOOD is the Root Cause of all Happiness, and EVIL is the Root Cause of all Suffering. Thus, removing Evil and promoting Good is the way to end suffering and promote happiness.

How do we remove evil and promote good? By removing the Life Orientation that is evil, and establishing the Life Orientation that is good. I believe that humans spiritually evolve from a Self-Other Animal Nature to a Good-Evil Spiritual Nature. A Self-Other Life Orientation is Evil because it contains HATE and INDIFFERENCE toward others, and therefore works to CAUSE the suffering of others. A Good-Evil Life Orientation is Good because it contains LOVE and COMPASSION toward others, and therefore works to END the suffering of others and works to CAUSE the happiness of others. By influencing people to positively change their Life Orientation we END human suffering and CAUSE human happiness.

The idea of Spiritual Transformation from the Self-Other Animal Nature to the Good-Evil Spiritual Nature, is the process of being Spiritually BORN AGAIN, which Jesus Christ taught. Also, it is the process of obtaining Enlightenment, Oneness with God, and Oneness with Others, as taught by Zen Buddhism and other Eastern Religions. Actually, Jesus Christ also taught the idea of Oneness with God. Jesus said: That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me. John 17:21.

Next, what are the basic forms of Human Suffering? As I explain in my book, Self Transformation Psychology, the three forms of human suffering are: Individual Based, Society Based, and Nature Based.

So, how can we END the CAUSE of human suffering in each of the forms? The solution is to Spiritual Transform Human Society from the Self-Other Animal Nature to the Good-Evil Spiritual Nature on the Individual, Society, and Nature levels.

That in turn raises the questions: WHAT is the transformation on each level, and how are those obtained? I will explain the basic ideas.

What is the Spiritual Transformation from the Self-Other Animal Nature to the Good-Evil Spiritual Nature? It is an Enlightened Understanding that the Good of Other is an essential part of the REAL YOU and the Evil of Self is a part of the ANTI YOU. First I explain the basic difference between my concepts of Self-Other and Good-Evil by asking people where they draw the line of division between what is "Self" and what is "Other".

 Divisions  Self  Other
 Good  Good of Self  Good of Other
 Evil  Evil of Self  Evil of Other

I also explain the personality differences between a Self-Other person and a Good-Evil person.

 System  Self-Other  Good-Evil
 Loyalty  Selfish Hate  Compassionate Love
 Value  Evil  Good
 Belief  Falsehood  Truth

Questions (1): How can we END Individual based Human Suffering?

That is, HOW can we encourage people to TRANSFORM, so that we END THE ROOT CAUSE of Human Suffering caused by Individual Actions? That is, HOW can we GREATLY REDUCE Violence, Rape, and Murder in our society?

The ANSWER is my Spiritual Psychology Class. In my Spiritual Psychology Class I accomplish the goal by doing the following.

I believe that if my class were taught to TENS of MILLIONS of Americans, then we would see a GREAT REDUCTION in Violence, Rape, and Murder in our society, and people wold live much HAPPIER lives. I am THE INVENTOR of the MOST ADVANCED form of Spiritual Psychology on Earth!

Question (2): How can we END Society based Human Suffering?

Society based Human Suffering is caused by the structure and system of rule in society. For example, a dictatorship causes the human suffering of oppression and lack of freedom. The solution is to Spiritually Transform the Political-Economic systems of nations from a Self-Other philosophy to a Good-Evil philosophy. To understand how to do that, I need to explain a few things.

In a social structure, there is a relationship between the individual members of society and the social group as a whole. This is similar to the Self-Other relationship, but the Self may be either the Individual or the Group. That is because people have different personality types and some people tend to identify with the Individual while others tend to identify with the Group.

I explain that the Liberal-Moderate-Conservative Political Spectrum is based on an underlying conflict between what I call Micro Humanitarianism and Macro Humanitarianism. The first has compassion on the survival and well being of individuals, while the second has compassion on the survival and well being of society and the species at large. A Liberal cares more about individuals, such as the suffering of the poor. A Conservative cares more about society, such as the Gross National Product. A Moderate sees both sides, but only on a surface non-depth level, and seeks to compromise the two positions.

What people do not understand is that one can also go ABOVE or BELOW the Political Spectrum. I explained in my book, Jesus Christ's World Utopia that just as one can combine Red, Green, and Blue to obtain While Light, one can combine Liberal, Moderate, and Conservative to obtain the PERFECT UTOPIAN Ideology. It is the RECONCILATION and COMBINING of the Ideological Self and Ideological Other that is the Spiritual Transformation of human society to END the CAUSE of Society Based Human Suffering.

The basic ideas are represented in the diagram below.

( Good )
 Liberal  Moderate  Conservative
( Evil )

I also explain how the ideological viewpoint is applied to the Economic System that a person supports.

   Economic Democracy
( Good )
 Socialism  Capitalistic-Socialism  Capitalism
   Economic Dictatorship
( Evil )

Understand that Liberal, Moderate, and Conservative each contain BOTH Virtue and Vice. Utopian is the Perfect System that combines the VIRTUE of ALL THREE. Doomer is the Worst System that only has the VICE of ALL THREE. The Vice of each, is the absence of the virtue of the others. The virtues of each are the following.

The points are the following.

Hopefully I have done a good job, in limited time and space, to explain how we can GREATLY REDUCE Society Based Human Suffering. I can teach classes to explain things better and help establish a system that will END ALMOST ALL Unemployment, Poverty, and Oppression!

Question (3): How can we END Nature based Human Suffering?

In the relationship between human society and nature, humanity is viewed as the Self and nature is viewed as the Other. Thus the principle of reconciling Self and Other to evolve to a Higher Combined State also applies here. It is a simple matter of both promoting human existence and preserving nature at the same time. ENVIRONMENTALISM is a big part of that. Reversing overpopulation, use of renewable resource, and species evolution are consideration for long term species survival. We need to put all of the issues on the table, look at the future fate for our species, and come up with a plan that takes care of individuals, the species, and nature. Blindly going into the future without a plan is not a wise choice. We can NOT END MOST Nature Based Human Suffering unless we educate ourselves on the issues and solutions. We MUST NOT act based on the short term profits of a few Billionaires! We MUST act to help people, society, and nature!

The NEED for Global Spiritual Reformation.

To promote the positive evolution of humans and society, there is a need for a deeper spiritual understanding in all humans. This means an End of Days Spiritual Reformation Movement of all world religions, to move from Selfish Doctrines of Men to Seeing the LIGHT of Enlightenment and Oneness. People need to REALLY UNDERSTAND advanced spiritual concepts. People need to understand The Purpose and Meaning to Life. Much needs to be taught on a national and global level.

WE CAN END a great deal and perhaps ALMOST ALL human suffering. To do so, much needs be taught to the BILLIONS of people on Earth, and much needs to be understood. IF I teach a CLASS on Spiritual Psychology and Ideological Evolution, to AT LEAST TENS of MILLIONS of people, then that could help to END a great deal of Human Suffering!

For the SAKE of the HUMAN SPECIES, my ideas MUST REACH BILLIONS of people! We can SAVE millions to billions of people from human suffering, only when the ideas to END human suffering are taught to the masses and are implemented.

It may be true that the world is not yet spiritual ready to establish The Ideology of Jesus Christ in order to end most human suffering. Some humans are hungry for TRUTH and work to seek out and know the truth. Others want to only believe what makes them feel good and what they have been brainwashed into believing. They will close their eyes and ears to a truth that they do not wish to believe. While some humans learn through study and listening, others will not learn except by hard experiences. It may take great human suffering and the near extermination of the human species to open the eyes and ears of some. Some would say that the global rule of the Anti Christ is predetermined, so why fight against fate? I say that it is the duty of good people to fight against evil, even if the fight is hopeless, because the act of fighting does good. I say that if we fight to teach people the truth, we will reach some people with the truth and we can save MILLIONS to BILLIONS of people. If we can get millions to billions of people to fight against the Anti Christ Economic Dictatorship and fight for Economic Democracy, then perhaps those millions to billions of people will be SAVED by being raptured! The point is, we MUST work to teach the TRUTH and tell people HOW to END most human suffering.