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How to FREE Republican Mind SLAVES

How Progressives CAN DEFEAT
The Trans Pacific Partnership
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How to FREE Republican Mind SLAVES

by Dale Lee Harris
Copyright © 2015 by Dale Lee Harris

NOTE: I am the INVENTOR of a system of Spiritual Psychology which contains my Psychological Model of human behavior. The phrases Loyalty-Value-Belief System and Perception of Self-Good-Truth are a part of my Psychological Model. My system is described in my books The Quest for Love and Self Transformation Psychology, as well as my other writings. I am also the INVENTOR of a system of Christian Political-Theology, which explains the Political-Economic System advocated by the teachings of Jesus Christ and which will be established by Jesus Christ when he rules Earth for one thousand years. This idea is explained in my book Jesus Christ's World Utopia, my booklet The Ideology of Jesus Christ, and my other writings. It includes my Political Model of either evolving upward above the Political Spectrum to Jesus Christ's Utopian Ideology or devolving downward below the Political Spectrum to Satan's Doom's Day Ideology.

Fully Understand the following. This is NOT about the political victory of one party over another. It is rather about a Spiritual Mission from God to SAVE the United States of America from Great Human Suffering and Death! Ending the Suffering and Death of WE THE PEOPLE is far more important than the fate of either political party. The destruction of the Republican Party may be the only way to save WE THE PEOPLE from Great Human Suffering and Death! Defeating the Anti Christ Radical Billionaire Plot to establish a Global Economic Dictatorship IS THE ONLY WAY to SAVE MILLIONS to BILLIONS from GREAT HUMAN SUFFERING!

Understand the following.

The PROGRESSIVE Evangelical Movement
an End of Days Christian Reformation Movement.

Jesus taught that we should Evangelize and win people to the teachings of Jesus Christ. However, the so called Evangelical Christian Movement is doing the exact opposite of what JESUS said. Rather than winning people to the teachings of Jesus Christ, they are winning people over to follow The Religion of Money and the FALSE Doctrines of Men! Therefore, they must be CONDEMNED by TRUE Christians for their SIN of rejecting the commands of Jesus Christ regarding Taxing Billionaires and providing for those in need! They are NOT Evangelical Christians, but are rather Evangelical Servants of Radical Billionaires!

The duty of the Progressive Evangelical Movement will be to convert people to follow the commands of Jesus Christ. That means RAISING TAXES on BILLIONAIRES to finance creating jobs for those who need jobs, providing an education and job training for those in need, providing health care to those in need, providing food to those in need, and making life better for WE THE PEOPLE.

The Psychological SECRETS to
DEBRAINWASHING Republican Voters

To win we must teach

the Voter Psychology SECRETS to winning elections. Then we can have a Grass Roots Movement with the Knowledge Power to DEBRAINWASH voters and win elections!

NOTE: I should charge hundreds of dollars for a class that teaches the following advanced ideas in human psychology. These ideas are worth far more than hundreds of dollars. Ideas that can CHANGE the political FUTURE of the United States of America are worth BILLIONS of DOLLARS! Ideas that can SAVE MILLIONS of lives from Great Suffering are worth far more. My ideas are worth FAR MORE THAN BILLIONS OF DOLLARS!

My system of Voter Psychology is based on my Psychological Model and teaches the following.


  1. Use Motivational Psychology to get people to listen.
  2. Teach people the Good-Evil Spiritual Nature based LVBS.

As an example, I will recall a conversation I heard on the Norman Goldman Talk Radio Show. The caller was a brainwashed Republican who was bird brain parroting talking points and ignoring evidence and facts that disputed the Republican LIES. When the caller got frustrated by being proven WRONG, he said to Norman: "I laugh in your face." Norman responded by saying something to the effect of, I laugh in your face for ignoring facts that you can not face and closing your eyes to reality.

This was a very good response. It taught the Brainwash Victim that RESPECT and Social Approval does NOT come from believing what you are ORDERED to believe, but rather from being HONEST and looking at EVIDENCE.

However, this is just the first punch, and must be followed up by the second punch. When people learn that Republicans HURT them and Democrats HELP them, then their concept of SELF changes. When people learn that voting Republican is EVIL and voting Democratic is GOOD, then their concept of GOOD changes. The Second Punch is to teach them that Republicans are their EVIL ENEMIES! A suggested follow up Second Punch statement is the following.

Billionaire Republicans are Laughing in YOUR Face, for worshipping them in place of God, for being their SLAVE, for believing what they ORDER you to believe, and for voting how they ORDER you to vote.


To win we must also change the Republican Voter concept of TRUTH. That is, we must combat the LIES Republicans brainwash them into believing. One of the biggest LIES is the view that Tax-And-Spend hurts poor and middle class voters and small USA business owners. We must teach Voters the following TRUTH!

Government Taxing and Spending Greatly HELPS poor and middle class voters as well as USA Business Owners because:


If I taught a class on How to WIN Elections to the top one hundred members of the Democratic Party at One Thousand Dollars a person, for an income of One Hundred Thousand Dollars, it would probably include the following information. But, you do NOT have to pay me One Thousand Dollars to learn the following. I am the INVENTOR and OWNER of my system of Spiritual Psychology.

In my book, Self Transformation Psychology, I show the six major groups of my Psychological Model as well as the elements in each group. In my book, The Quest for Love, I show a long Causality Control Flow that can occur in Social-Romantic interactions. The Causality Control Flow between the elements in my Psychological Model explains all human behavior, including the behavior of VOTING! Below is a representation of the six major parts of my Psychological Model.

LVBS Power Motivation
Behavior Communication Treasure

Understand that the LVBS is the MOST important KEY to controlling how Voters VOTE!!! IF you change voters from having a Republican LVBS to a Democratic LVBS then you CHANGE THEM from voting Republican to voting Democratic!

SO, if YOU want to WIN Elections, then YOU want to ask the following questions. What is the LVBS? What is the Republican LVBS? What is the Democratic LVBS? How can you CHANGE people from one LVBS to another? That is, how can you effectively change the voting habits of Fifty Million Voters to have a Democratic LANDSLIDE!

The Loyalty-Value-Belief System contains those three elements. The Loyalty System is the perception of Self and Anti-Self, or Friends and Enemies. The Value System is the perception of Good and Evil. The Belief System is the perception of Truth and Falsehood. Control those three things, and you control ALL human behavior, including the behavior of VOTING!

What is the Republican vs Democratic LVBS?

LVBS Republican
FREEDOM Fighters
Friend Republicans who HURT me, with less jobs, lower wages, etc. Democrats who HELP me, with more jobs, higher wages, etc.
Enemy Democrats who HELP me, with more jobs, higher wages, etc. Republicans who HURT me, with less jobs, lower wages, etc.
Good The Religion of Money values of worshipping Radical Billionaires in place of God. The Jesus Values of Taxing Billionaires to help the needy.
Evil The Jesus Values of Taxing Billionaires to help the needy. The Religion of Money values of worshipping Readical Billionaires in place of God.
True What Radical Billionaire Mind SLAVE Masters ORDER people to believe. What LOGIC and EVIDENCE PROVES to be TRUE.
False What LOGIC and EVIDENCE PROVES to be TRUE. What Radical Billionaire Mind SLAVE Masters ORDER people to believe.

How YOU CAN CHANGE Republicans
from Mind SLAVES to FREEDOM Fighters!

Republican Radical Billionaire SLAVE MASTERS brainwash Voters into being their Mind SLAVES by using HATE and FEAR. To overcome those Primal Survival Emotions you also have to evoke those very same Primal Survival Emotions! You must tell them that THEIR SURVIVAL and ESCAPE from HELL depends on them REJECTING their Radical Billionaire SLAVE MASTERS and FIGHTING for their FREEDOM to THINK! Make the following very clear to them. IF they do NOT VOTE Democratic to get MORE JOBS and HIGHER WAGES, THEN THEY will DIE at an earlier age AND THEIR children will DIE at an earlier age! And IF they do NOT VOTE to Tax Billionaires to provide jobs and food to those in need, then THEY will be more likely to GO TO HELL! Voting Republican can SEND YOU TO HELL!

According to my system of Voter Psychology the MOST EFFECTIVE way to DEBRAINWASH Republican Voters and FREE them from being Mind SLAVES is to do the following.

  1. Motivate Them: Teach them that ignoring FACTS, EVIDENCE, and LOGIC gets them DIS-RESPECT and Social REJECTION, while HONEST evaluation of FACTS, EVIDENCE, and LOGIC gets them RESPECT and Social ACCEPTANCE.
  2. CHANGE their concept of SELF: Teach them that Radial Billionaire Republicans are THEIR MORTAL ENEMY who are working to GREATLY HURT them, KILL them, and SEND THEM TO HELL! Teach them that WE THE PEOPLE Democrats are THEIR TRUE FRIENDS who are working to GREATLY HELP them, SAVE them, and SAVE THEIR SOULS through living a life based on LOVE for the NEEDY.
  3. CHANGE their concept of GOOD: Teach them that Servants of Money Republican Pastors are EVIL and are SENDING THEM TO HELL by teaching them to REJECT the teachings of Jesus Christ to TAX BILLIONAIRES and PROVIDE for the NEEDY. Jesus told Doctrines of Men Clerics of his day: Harlots will enter the kingdom of heaven before you will. Following Jesus Christ means REJECTING Servants of Money Republican Pastors!
  4. CHANGE their concept of TRUTH: PROVE to them that Anti American Republicans use LIES and DECPECTION to get voters to vote to HURT WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America.
  5. SHOCK them with their SURVIVAL INSTINCT: Teach them that IF they Vote Republican, then something TERRIBLE will happen, such as their SLAVERY, SUFFERING, DEATH, or GOING TO HELL.
  6. CONVINCE: Use Logic and Evidence to convince voters that Republicans are EVIL-ENEMY-LIARS. When the Vast Majority of voters understand that Republicans ARE EVIL-ENEMY-LIARS, then the Vast Majority of voters will NOT Vote Republican!

FACTS: Republicans ARE servants of Radical Billionaires who ARE working to establish a Global Economic Dictatorship which WILL be ruled by the Anti Christ. IF Anti Christ Radical Billionaires rule the United States of America through their Republican Puppets, then there WILL be GREAT Human Suffering. The TRUTH is that millions of Americans are already suffering from unemployment and poverty due to Religion of Money Republicans. Thus Religion of Money Republicans ARE VERY EVIL and ARE the MORTAL ENEMY of WE THE PEOPLE. IF Christian Voters WAKE UP and follow JESUS CHRIST rather than the Corporate Church of the Religion of Money, then Christian Voters will kick out of office ALL Religion of Money Republicans.

IF Progressive Democrats have the COURAGE to use Advanced Voter Psychology and Proof of the TRUTH to CHANGE the LVBS of Voters, THEN Progressive Democrats will WIN the House, Senate, and Presidency! IF they do NOT take my advice, THEN they MAY lose the Presidency and WILL NOT win the House, and therefore will have a FAILED PRESIDENCY!

WIN the Christian Voting Bloc
for a Democratic United States HOUSE!

I can teach Democrats how to use Advanced Voter Psychology and PROOF of the TRUTH to WIN all MAJOR Voting Blocs. However, the Christian Voting Bloc is the MAJORITY influence on the voting habits of the MAJORITY of Voters. Thus, WINNING the Christian Voting Bloc is a KEY to WINNING the United States House. Thus we must use Advanced Voter Psychology and Theological PROOF of Spiritual TRUTH to WIN control and SAVE the United States of America!

There is a Spiritual Battle in the United States of America for the Hearts, Minds, and Souls of WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America. Only the Spiritual LIGHT of TRUTH can defeat the Spiritual DARKNESS of the LIES of the Religion of Money! The words of Jesus Christ can REFORM the Church and SAVE Christians!

I encourage ALL Democrats to use these ideas to help to CONVERT Christians to CHANGE and follow JESUS CHRIST, rather than the Religion of Money! We must teach Christian Voters the following.

Bumper Stickers

A well designed bumper sticker, that make good use of Psychological Triggers and that effectively targets perceptions of Self, Good, and Truth, can help to CHANGE people and CHANGE votes. They should effectively use Color and Font Psychology. They can advertise a web page to better inform people at the web page. If a bumper sticker or flyer seeks to give name recognition to a candidate, then it should use the Hook-Sale-Convince method of listing the Positive Trigger FIRST BEFORE the Candidate's name and create a Psychological Mental Link between the Positive Trigger and the Candidate's name.

I suggest saving money by buying in bulk, either by forming a group of five or more people, or taking the extra stickers you order and selling them at cost to friends, family members, and neighbors.

Following are some suggested Bumper Stickers. On some you may be able to click and follow a link to the site where the bumper sticker is available. This is the site of a Sign Making Company that I believe offers good bulk rate pricing to save money.

Click: Build a Sign. NOTICE the Quantity Discount Prices.

When you click the Bumper Sticker Image to follow the link, make sure it is to the Bumper Sticker that you intended to look at. Also, you should be able to find a way to change the quantity (5,10,25,...) for a bulk order discount price. Thus it can help to have a group of people to fund a larger group order.

IF you want to help educate people through this web page, then consider getting Bumper Stickers advertising

Red China Republicans
Mind SLAVE Masters
Worshp God in VAIN
Zygotes do NOT Think
Jesus Said Feed the Poor
MORE Jobs and Income
JESUS CHRIST's World Utopia
Nor Man Gold Man dot Com
Dale Lee Harris for President

HOW to SAVE AMERICA from the Anti Christ
and DEFEAT the TPP Trade Deal
by Dale Lee Harris

As a telepath, psychic, Voter Psychology EXPERT, and Christian Political Theology EXPERT, I have the EXPERTISE to win the hearts and minds of American voters to WIN control of the United States House, Senate, and Presidency. UNLESS the Democratic Party WINS control of the United States House and Senate, ANY Democratic Presidency will be a FAILED Presidency. With Gerrymandering, the ONLY WAY Democrats CAN WIN the United States House is by WINNING the Christian Voting Bloc. My EXPERTISE in Voter Psychology and Christian Political Theology makes me uniquely qualified to WIN the VAST MAJORITY of Christian Voters. I am THE INVENTOR of a system of Spiritual Psychology, which makes me a Voter Psychology EXPERT! I am THE INVENTOR of the Jesus Christ's World Utopia system of Christian Political Theology. I may be the ONLY person in the United States of America who can give the Democratic Party a SUCCESSFUL Presidency!

I believe God gave me the Spiritual Gifts of Telepathy and Psychic abilities to help me to fulfill the Spiritual Life Mission of fighting the Anti Christ, and therefore SAVING TENS of MILLIONS from being ruled, tormented, and killed by the Anti Christ. There is a Spiritual War between Jesus Christ and the Anti Christ. As I said in my book: "The world is at a Cross Roads between Jesus Christ's World Utopia and Satan's Doom's Day." The ONLY WAY to SAVE MILLIONS to BILLIONS of people from great suffering and death, is as I have explained, to Spiritually Transform human society on the individual, social, and nature levels. I fully explain exactly how to do that.

God sends prophets and teachers to lead people to the way of salvation from their suffering. God has given me a Spiritual Life Mission of exposing and fighting the Anti Christ and has given me Spiritual Gifts to help me fulfill my mission. My prayer and reading of the Christian Bible led to my discovery of The Ideology of Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ's World Utopia, which will be established when Jesus rules for one thousand years on Earth. Years of psychological research led me to INVENT a system of Spiritual Psychology. With my knowledge and skills, I believe I can help to prevent the Anti Christ from ruling, tormenting, and killing TENS of MILLIONS of people in the United States of America.

The Holy Bible says the Anti Christ will be a Global Economic Dictator who will have the power to decide if people are allowed to "buy or sell". Revelation 13:7. Some questions I sought answers to are the following.

Many people already understand the FACT that there is a conspiracy by International Radical Billionaires to create a Global Economic Dictatorship of Radical Billionaires. Anyone with common sense knows that the Capitalist Goal of businesses is to increase profit share, market share, and economic power. Also, it is a common practice to bribe politicians to end regulations and change laws in order to help the Super Rich to gain more wealth and power. It is basic human nature that greed for money leads to lust for power. Anyone who does not believe that there is a conspiracy of the Super Rich to gain more money and power, lacks common sense.

What some people have not done, is to add two and two together! IF the International Radical Billionaires do establish a Global Economic Dictatorship of Radical Billionaires, and one person emerges as the leader and ruler of that Global Economic Dictatorship, then that one person will become the Anti Christ Global Economic Dictator. That is HOW the Anti Christ CAN rise to Global Economic Dictatorship Power.

But, the Anti Christ may not rule every nation on Earth, because many nations may resist the rule of the Anti Christ. You would think that the Christian nation of the United States of America would not accept the rule of the Anti Christ. However, what if the leaders and people of the United States are tricked into signing a treaty or agreement that makes the Anti Christ the Economic Dictator Ruler of America? Or what if the elected political rulers of America are bribed to be secretly ruled by the Radical Billions of America and thus also by the Anti Christ. Either of those paths would give the Anti Christ the POWER to RULE the United States of America!

The question is, is there a danger that the United States of America is following either path that would lead to the Anti Christ RULING the United States of America?

Is the United States considering signing a treaty or agreement that would give Global Economic Dictators RULE over the United States of America? Senator Elizabeth Warren has warned that there is a provision in the TPP Trade Bill that would allow International Corporations to sue the United States of America for not abiding by the agreement, and that an international court would make the decision. Thus, an international court of lawyers who work for International Corporations could force United States tax payers to pay billions of dollars in damages to an International Corporation! That sounds to me like International Corporations have the power to rule over the economic decisions of the United States of America.

The TPP Trade Deal will take away OUR FREEDOM! Every FREEDOM LOVING American MUST RISE UP and FIGHT BACK to DEMAND that the TPP Trade Deal be KILLED, and kick out of office ANYONE who votes for it!

This may be the FIRST STEP in creating an International Economic Trade Court that would RULE OVER the Economic decisions of every nation on Earth! IF the Anti Christ is given the legal power as head of an International Economic Trade Court to economically punish nations for not complying with trade agreements, then he would gain the power to decide if NATIONS can buy or sell internationally! And once he has the power to decide if an entire nation can buy or sell internationally, he can force nations to subject their people and only allow citizens to buy or sell who have his personal approval. That would fulfill the prophecy that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Revelation 13:17 KJV.

How about the other path to the Anti Christ RULING the United States of America? Are there Corporate Politicians who are being BRIBED to be ruled by the interests of International Corporations and Radical Billionaires, rather than being ruled by the national interests of the United States of America and WE THE PEOPLE of the United States of America? I believe a very large number of American voters would correctly say YES to that question.

But what many people may not understand is that, the Anti Christ may be and probably is a Radical Billionaire in the United States of America who also has the political power to rule over the Republican Party! IF a Radical Billionaire in America is the Anti Christ and he RULES the Republican Party and thus the political Government of the United States of America, then perhaps the Anti Christ already RULES the United States of America!

I believe that it is most likely that the Anti Christ will be a Radical Billionaire in the United States of America, who has political power to decide which candidates will be elected in America. If you want to create an International Economic Dictatorship of Radical Billionaires, it would be difficult to do so without the support of the economic power base of International Corporations and Radical Billionaires in the United States of America. It makes sense that the rise to power of the Anti Christ would start in the United States of America.

OK, now that we know the danger, how can we prevent the United States of America from being RULED by the Anti Christ? One would be for Christians to do everything in their power to make sure America does not sign any more Trade Treaties that off shore more American jobs. Another is to take money out of politics so elections are decided by an educated voting public, rather than by big money that brainwashes voters. Another is for voters to kick out of office politicians who serve International Corporations and Radical Billionaires, rather than serving the United States of America and WE THE PEOPLE! If Christians Vote Democratic, it will help to prevent the Anti Christ from RULING the United States of America!

A Message to White USA Voters

Understand that the Republican Party is AT WAR with White USA Workers! By using their policy of Free Trade to off shore Five Million USA Factory Jobs, leading to Twenty Million other lost jobs, Republicans have taken away the jobs of Twenty Five Million White USA Workers! By opposing Government Domestic Spending that would have created millions of more USA jobs both directly through product and service purchases and indirectly through more cash flow, Republicans have DENIED JOBS to MILLIONS of White USA Workers! And by BLOCKING an increase to Minimum Wage, which would have raised the wages of other workers from the side effect of higher low end wages, Republicans have DENIED BILLIONS of DOLLARS in additional income to White USA Workers!

The Republican Party is AT WAR with White USA Workers! White USA Workers, Get MAD and FIGHT BACK by Voting Democratic! DEMAND that the TPP be KILLED, to STOP Republicans from hurting White USA Workers!

How to Defeat the TPP Trade Deal

Most political advisors do not have my expertise in Voter Psychology and so do not know HOW to WIN elections!!! Also, they do NOT understand the Psychology of how to achieve political goals.

Here is the problem. Many would say that to defeat the TPP, we need to "rally our base" to ask members of the House and Senate to oppose TPP. Question: Do you HONESTLY believe a Republican in the House or Senate cares about the opinions of Democratic Voters? As long as they have enough Republican Base Voters and donation dollars from the Radical Rich, then they have nothing to fear from Democratic Voters. The ONLY THING that can change the votes of Republicans in the House and Senate, is for the Republic Base to DEMAND the DEFEAT of the TPP Trade Deal!!!

The Republican Voting Blocs Base includes the Corporate Christian Church and White Voters. So, how do you get THOSE Voting Blocs to DEMAND the KILLING of the TPP Trade Bill? By using Logical PROOF to those Voting Blocs that the TPP Trade Deal is AGAINST THEIR most VITAL interests!!! That is, TELL them the TRUTH!!! Inform Christian Voters that such a Trade Deal would give more power to Radical Billionaires and therefore to the Anti Christ. Inform White USA Voters, that the TPP would HARM White USA Voters. Also, use strong words with strong emotions like the Republican Party WAR Against White Voters!

Make THIS web page GO VIRAL, and THAT will DEFEAT the Trans Pacific Partnership Trade Deal!

WHY Pat Quinn and
other Democratic Governors LOST
and HOW to WIN the NEXT election!

What Pat Quinn and other Democrats do not understand is that those that they PAY to create Ads to help them to WIN elections, may NOT HAVE

to help them to get elected!

Lets start with motivation. When you pay a company to do a task for you, do they put YOUR interests first or THEIR interests first? It is true that "doing a good job" is a way to help get repeat customers and other customers. But, understand the "conflict of interest". Suppose a Democrat hires an Ad Agency to create TV commercial for them to help win the election. The BEST ad for winning the election is that the Republican idea of cutting spending to cut taxes on Billionaires is a BAD IDEA that also means cutting state spending that CREATES JOBS! But, if the Ad agency ran THAT Ad, then their other Corporate Clients might not like it, and they might LOSE BUSINESS. So, it would be in the best interest of the Ad Agency to create an Ad that promotes Cut Taxes and Spending Republican Ideas in order to help the Ad Agency to get more customers, even though it is more likely to DEFEAT YOUR election!

What about EXPERTISE? If someone on the staff does NOT have Voter Psychology EXPERTISE then they do NOT have the EXPERTISE for winning the hearts and minds of voters. As a Telepathic Voter Psychologist I can get inside people's heads and not only tell you WHAT they think but WHY they think what they think. I can tell you HOW to change their opinions and thus CHANGE their votes.

Let me explain WHY the Pat Quinn Ad worked to DEFFEAT Pat Quinn, and an Ad message that would have WON the election. By being a Telepath, you can think the thoughts of others. By fully understanding my Psychological Model that explains all human behavior, you can construct and follow a Causal Chain Thought Process that fully explains the actions of the voter.

The Pat Quinn for Governor of Illinois Ad showed Pat Quinn mowing grass and said he was working hard to cut spending. That was a GIFT AD to the Republican!!! Let me explain the Causality Chain Thoughts that would play out in the minds of many voters and why the Ad would convince some voters to vote for the Republican opponent. Many voters would think the following thoughts.

If you understand the psychology of human behavior and how Value-Beliefs trigger human actions, then you should understand the following. Reinforcing Republican Value-Beliefs reinforces the reason to vote Republican and therefore generates more Republican votes. If a Democrat want to WIN the election, then the Democratic Ad must use Advanced Voter Psychology and therefore make the following points.

Therefore, a Political Ad that would both reduce Republican votes and generate far more Democratic votes would be one like the following.

Political Ad

Pat Quinn has done an exceptional job at cutting wasteful spending. However, Pat Quinn rejects the Bruce Rauner very bad idea of cutting Economic Growth Spending. Construction spending generates jobs, small business income, and Economic growth for communities. A better education gives your children a far better life time income. If you care about jobs, business income, Economic Growth, and your children, then vote for Pat Quinn for a better future.

IF THAT kind of Ad had been run, to reject Republican Value-Beliefs and promote Democratic Value-Beliefs, then it would have triggered the voter behavior of far more Democratic Votes. ONLY by understanding Advanced Voter Psychology and knowing how to PROVE the TRUTH can you greatly increase your chances of winning elections!

I can teach a class on Advanced Voter Psychology to the Democratic Party leadership in every state in America, and therefore teach Democrats HOW to WIN elections! I can teach the Democratic Party how to WIN all major voting Blocs to WIN the United States House, Senate, and Presidency, and therefore have a SUCCESSFUL Presidency!