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God, America, Others, and YOU
(1) Question YOUR Beliefs
(2) Elect Bernie Sanders!
Bernie will SAVE America and HELP YOU!

LOVE God and SAVE America
by Dale Lee Harris
Copyright © 2015 by Dale Lee Harris

IF YOU Love God, Love America, and Love Yourself, THEN YOU REALLY WANT to hear this! I will teach you the following.

  1. HOW YOU CAN help God to SAVE America!
  2. HOW YOU CAN live a happier life!
  3. HOW Electing Bernie Sanders will:
    • SERVE God.
    • SAVE America.
    • HELP You.

I will PROVE to YOU that.

I am going to take YOU on a Mental Journey that can lead to a HAPPIER LIFE for YOU and a BETTER FUTURE for The United States of America. The TIME you spend on this Great Spiritual Journey, will be well worth the Mental Treasures that you will obtain. In my book The Quest for Love I explain that Love Happiness is the highest form of happiness. Therefore, being Love Connected to God, America, and Others, means living a happier life. Feeling LOVE in your heart for God, America, and others IS a Great Source of happiness. Feeling the explosion of knowledge and understanding in your mind, is also a Great Source of happiness. People LOVE and find TRUTH, because the EXPANSION of the heart and mind is a Great Source of happiness!

YOUR Journey Begins!
LOVING God, America, Others, and YOU!

I said that IF YOU LOVE God, America, and Yourself, THEN YOU WILL Question your beliefs AND act in the best interest of God, America, and yourself. However, the FIRST QUESTION you need to ask yourself is this. SHOULD I LOVE God, America, and myself? WHY SHOULD I? To answer that, I must answer one of the most profound questions that exists.

I will talk to Christians, non-Christians, and Atheists. Even non-Christians agree that JESUS was a Great Spiritual Teacher who taught ideas that can help people live better lives. Even Atheists can agree to the wisdom of much of what he taught. We are not here to debate whether God does or does not exist. We are not here to debate on the nature of Jesus. However, everyone regardless of religious beliefs can benefit by understanding a few of the most spiritually profound teachings of Jesus.

Let us examine the statement of Jesus that the TWO greatest commands of God are the following.

  1. LOVE God with all your heart, soul, and mind.
  2. LOVE others even as much as you LOVE yourself.

I believe that EVERY PERSON on planet Earth, REGARDLESS of their religion, should live by those TWO commands. I believe THAT would lead to World Peace and the END to the vast majority of Human Suffering.

Atheists may ask: WHY should I LOVE God, IF God does NOT EXITS? My response is as follows. We can define the word God to mean The Collective Good or The Force of Creation, and skip the debate on whether or not this God has intelligence. I believe that EVERY PERSON, regardless of religion, can AGREE to LOVE The Collective Good and LOVE others.

THE Question IS: WHY SHOULD I LOVE God and Others?

IF I told you the answer to the question, THEN I would not really be helping you. Memorizing an answer is not the same thing as understanding an answer and the reason behind it. You need to understand the reason for the answer in your heart and mind. That is, I need to teach you Enlightenment. So, I will present my Spiritual Model and ask you a few questions.

Good of Self Good of Other
Evil of Self Evil of Other

Those who have Obtained Enlightenment fully understand the following. Having a LOVE CONNECTION to Others and to the Universe, is NOT something that you SHOULD do. It is rather something that you WANT to do and you MUST do. YOU MUST become ONE with Others and God! YOU MUST understand that YOU are NOT The Self! YOU MUST KILL your Animal Nature that seeks the victory of The Self over The Other. YOU MUST be Spiritual BORN AGAIN as a Spiritual Being who seeks the victory of The Good over The Evil. According to Jesus Christ, the ONLY WAY to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven is to be Born Again! That means CHANGING from what I call the Self-Other Animal Nature to what I call the Good-Evil Spiritual Nature. That includes Loving Others as much as you Love yourself, AND being ONE with Others! That means LOVING The Collective Good above all else AND being ONE with the UNIVERSE. Thus MY Spiritual Model, together with KABALA, explains the DEEPER Spiritual Truths of Enlightenment, Being Born Again, and Oneness!

We MUST LOVE God and be ONE with God. For Atheists, you can use the term The Collective Good of the Universe or The Force of Creation to mean God. THE Question is THIS: HOW do we SHOW and PROVE our LOVE for God? JESUS answered that question in Matthew 25:31-46. He taught that in the EYES of God HELPING or NOT HELPING the Needy is the VERY SAME THING as HELPING or NOT HELPING God! NOT feeding the hungry is the SAME THING as NOT feeding God! Thus, there are THREE PRIMARY COMMANDS from God.

  1. LOVE God or the Collective Good above all else.
  2. LOVING God MEANS Helping the Needy.
  3. LOVE others even as much as you LOVE yourself.

YOUR Journey Continues

OK, NOW I CAN answer the following question. WHY is it TRUE that, HONESTLY LOVING God, America, Others, and YOU, will CAUSE you to Question YOUR Beliefs? The REASON is the following.

EVERY VOTER in America
who HONESTLY LOVES God and America
MUST be told the following and
MUST Fully Understand the following.

IF YOU LOVE God and America
THAT is what I will TEACH YOU.

To SAVE yourself, SAVE those you LOVE, and SAVE the United States of America, YOU MUST positively CHANGE your Value-Beliefs to contain ONLY GOOD Values and TRUE Beliefs. I can TEACH you HOW to do that.

YOUR Journey Continues
LEARNING HOW to SAVE America, Others, and YOU
with GOOD and TRUTH!

WHY is it TRUE that
LOVING God, America, Others, and YOU,
is REASON to Elect Bernie Sanders?

HOW to SAVE America

WE THE PEOPLE MUST elect ONLY candidates who PROMISE to do and WILL DO the following.

ADVICE to the Democratic Party
HOW to WIN the United States House!