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  TRILLION Dollar Advice for YOU  

TRILLION Dollar Advice for YOU
by Dale Lee Harris
Copyright © 2013 by Dale Lee Harris

IF YOU, as a Social Group, could get a TRILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR,
in additional income, Social Value, or Social Justice,
THEN would YOU take EXPERT ADVICE or miss out on TRILLIONS?

ATTENTION to the following groups:
- American Workers and the Labor Movement.
- American Minority Races and the Racial Equality Movement.
- American Parents and the Anti Terrorism Movement.
- American Women and the Freedom of Choice Movement.
- American Farmers and the Family Farm Survival Movement.
- THE PEOPLE of America and THE WORLD.
- TRUE Christians and the New Christian Reformation Movement.

ADVICE:  Quickly add a TRILLION Dollars per Year to worker income.
ADVICE:  Establish Racial Economic Equality for Minority Students.
ADVICE:  END Gun Terrorism Murder of OUR CHILDREN.
ADVICE:  SAVE Women from rape and Reproductive Slavery.
ADVICE:  Promote Family Farm Economic Prosperity.
ADVICE:  END the Vast Majority of Human Suffering on Earth!
ADVICE:  DEFEAT the Anti Christ Religion of Money.

I am the INVENTOR of the MOST ADVANCED FORM of Positive Change Psychology in the world, and am an EXPERT on Voter Psychology, DEBRAINWASHING, and CONVERSION.

YES WE CAN CONVERT 25 to 75 percent of Corporate Republican Voters into Progressive Democratic Voters, TO WIN a 70 percent super majority in the US House and Senate, TO GIVE OUR social groups TRILLIONS in income and social value!!!

To have a LANDSLIDE VICTORY of the rural Christian vote, WE MUST start a NEW Christian Reformation Movement that teaches KEY HOLY BIBLE verses, so Christian voters will reject the Anti Christ Corporate Religion of Money and follow the Progress Values of Jesus Christ.

To CONVERT Racist White voters into Progressive Voters, WE MUST teach all Americans THE TRUTH that White Workers and Black Workers are BROTHERS in a common struggle for MORE JOBS and HIGHER WAGES!

YES WE CAN WIN a super majority of rural Christian voters and middle class white voters!!!  YES WE CAN gain TRILLIONS for our social groups!

IF YOU do NOT listen to my advice, THEN:
- YOUR social group will miss out on BILLIONS to TRILLIONS.
- YOUR social group will continue Great Suffering.

The Anti Christ Global Economic Dictator, the Radical Super Rich Economic Dictators of the United States of America, the Corporate Republican Party, and the Corporate Churches of the Religion of Money, are AT WAR with workers, minorities, families, women, farmers, the United States of America, and God. The ONLY WAY we can TAKE BACK the BILLIONS and TRILLIONS stolen from us, is to UNITE and FIGHT BACK!

KNOW the following:
- WE CAN quickly add 25 million jobs with an average wage of $40,000, which means a TRILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR MORE in income for the American working class.
- WE CAN END Educational Inequality in America to increase the life time income of poor and minority students by a million dollars. The American workforce is over 150 million people. Add just $5 per hour or $10,000 per year to the average wage of the lower third, and that is 500 BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR MORE in income.
- WE CAN END Gun Terrorism and Violence against OUR CHILDREN. How much is it worth to American Parents to protect their children from Gun Murder? $100, $1,000, or more? Even $100 time 100 million parents is TEN BILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR.
- WE CAN END the SLAVERY of women not owning their own bodies. How much does Freedom of Choice mean to a woman? With about 70 million American women between 15 and 50, 40 percent of women having had an abortion, and many more wanting the Freedom of Choice: FREEDOM is clearly worth BILLIONS to American women.
- WE CAN SAVE Family Farms from Droughts, Ground Water Poisoning, Corporate takeover, Corporate profit drains, lack of income diversity, and denying quality education  to rural children. That can be worth BILLIONS to rural American farm communities.
- WE CAN END the vast majority of human suffering on planet Earth by Spiritually Transforming the Political-Economic-Social-Environmental System of the world. That is worth THOUSANDS of TRILLIONS of dollars to THE PEOPLE of The World.
- WE CAN SAVE people's souls, by reforming churches to reject the Anti Christ Economic Dictators of the world, stop teaching the False Doctrines of Men and the Religion of Money, and rather follow the Progressive teachings of Jesus Christ. How much value can be put on a human soul?

Do YOU want YOUR Social Group to have BILLIONS to TRILLIONS more and END their Great Suffering? THE SECRET is for THE PEOPLE to EMPOWER THE PEOPLE and CHANGE the social conditions that cause great suffering and death! HOW can that be done? KNOWLEDGE IS POWER! KNOWLEDGE of Advanced Voter Psychology can give POWER to THE PEOPLE to END voter brainwashing and recruit voters to change society. KNOWLEDGE of Advanced Spiritual Philosophy, which teaches the essential nature of Good and Evil, the Root Cause of All Human Suffering  and Human Happiness, and the KEYS to Spiritually Transforming Human Society, CAN END the vast majority of human suffering for workers, minorities, parents, women, the nation, and the world.

As THE INVENTOR of the most advanced form of Spiritual Psychology on Earth, I can teach THE PEOPLE the Voter Psychology KNOWLEDGE to have THE POWER to CHANGE society. As THE INVENTOR of the most advanced form of Spiritual Philosophy on Earth, I can teach THE PEOPLE the Moral KNOWLEDGE to have THE WISDOM to POSITIVELY CHANGE society to END the Root Cause of ALL Human Suffering and ADD the Root Cause of ALL Human Happiness. When THE PEOPLE are taught THE KNOWLEDGE to have POWER and WISDOM, then THE PEOPLE will be saved from Great Human Suffering and will gain TRILLIONS in Happiness and Social Value!

I CHALLENGE YOU: Read my advice and I GUARANTEE that you will agree  with me that YOUR Social Group CAN gain BILIONS to TRILLIONS! YOU will decide THE FUTURE! America and the world are at a cross roads between TWO possible futures. ONE path leads to THE PEOPLE gaining the POWER and WISDOM to END their suffering. ANOTHER path leads to slavery, ignorance, and Traumatic Global Human Suffering that may nearly EXTERMINATE the HUMAN SPECIES. I CHALLENGE YOU to help LEAD the world and give YOUR Social Group BILLIONS to TRILLIONS.

I will give advice to workers, minorities, parents, women, farmers, and the world, on how to gain BILLIONS to TRILLIONS in income and Social Value.

Fully understand this:
IF THE PEOPLE do NOT gain the KNOWLEDGE to gain the POWER to RULE America and gain the KNOWLEDGE to gain the WISDOM to RULE America in the self interest of THE PEOPLE,
THEN THE PEOPLE will LOSE TRILLIONS of dollars worth of income and social value that they COULD HAVE HAD !!!!!!

YOU, as a social group, will LOSE TRILLIONS !!!!!!!

WHY should YOU, as an individual, care if YOUR social group loses TRILLIONS in income and social value? BECAUSE it effects YOU (personal) directly! WHEN YOU (group) have an average wage that is $20,000 per year lower than what it should be, THEN YOU (personal) are probably missing out on $20,000 per year in wages and perhaps $500,000, or half a MILLION dollars,  in your life time!!! WHEN YOU (group) experience great suffering and death, THEN YOU (personal) will suffer far more and die far sooner!!! Do the Workers of America want a half a MILLION dollars MORE, and a far HAPPIER, HEALTHIER, and LONGER life? IF so, THEN WHY are they NOT Changing Society to GIVE that to them? Do they NOT know HOW to get those things? THEN, they NEED my TRILLION DOLLAR ADVICE, for greater WEALTH, HAPPINESS, and LONGER life!!!

What is the MOST EFFECTIVE way to SAVE AMERICA from unemployment, poverty, terrorism, loss of Freedom, and loss of family security?

HINT: The SECRET to VICTORY is two skills:
1) Problem-Solution Political Strategy
2) Advanced Voter Psychology Secrets

All Political Goals and Strategies, like all Goals and Strategies, requires the use of Goal Achievement Science of selecting goals and using Problem-Solution Analysis to form the most effective strategies for goal achievement. Computer Programmers  and other Professional Analysts are Great Political Strategists,  because their profession teaches them Problem-Solution Analysis. The essence of Problem-Solution Analysis is:
1) Identify all Problems or barriers to Goal Achievement.
2) Devise an effective solution to each problem or barrier.
3) Devise an effective method of applying the solution to end the problem.

Advanced Voter Psychology makes use of my discovery that it is not the Value-Belief System alone that controls human behavior, but it is rather what I, Dale Lee Harris,  call the Loyalty-Value-Belief System (LVBS). Use of Advanced Voter Psychology is key to devising the most effective strategy for changing the hearts and minds of voters to elect the politicians who will be committed to the goals that you want achieved.

So, how do we apply Goal Achievement Science to achieve the goals of ENDING unemployment, inequality, Gun-Terrorism, and Female Slavery in America? EXPERTISE in Problem-Solution-Effectiveness Analysis can be worth BILLIONS or TRILLIONS of dollars to YOU, as a social group! Do you want me to TEACH YOU THAT TRILLION DOLLAR EXPERTISE?

I will first TEACH YOU THAT EXPERTISE by focusing first on devising a winning plan for ENDING Gun Terrorism of Our Children. I will also explain the KEYS to ENDING unemployment, racial inequality, reproductive slavery of women. and destruction of family farms.

The Steps to SUCCESS include:
1) Select and prioritize achievable goals.
2) Use Problem-Solution Analysis to form the Best Strategy.
3) Use Psychological Effectiveness Analysis to form the Best Tactics.
4) Get Money, Recruits, Organization, and Education for the Best Delivery.

As an example, I use the selected goal of ENDING Gun Terrorism Murder of OUR Children.


ADVICE: to Families and Anti Gun Terrorism Organizations.

Strategy Question:
What are the problems or barriers in the way of ending Gun Terrorism, and what is a good solution for ending those problems and barriers?

Anti American Gun Corporations care more about making profits from selling Guns of Mass Destruction to Terrorists than they do about the LIVES of the Children of America. Caring more about profits than American lives is TREASON against THE PEOPLE of America. Helping the Terrorist ENEMIES of the United States of America is TREASON against America. Unfortunately, the Anti American Gun Corporate TRAITORS have the power to block measures to END THEIR TREASON of arming terrorists. That is true for two reasons:

1) Anti American Gun Corporate Politicians are BRIBED to sell out America.
2) Anti American Voters are Brainwashed to vote to KILL American Children.

The obvious solution is to END the Brainwashing of Voters, so they will kick Anti American Gun Corporate Politicians out of office. But, as long as Brainwashed Voters care more about following the False Doctrines of Men regarding Abortion, than about saving the LIVES of OUR CHILDREN, then Anti American Gun Corporate Politicians will remain in office and keep ARMING TERRORISTS to KILL OUR CHILDREN! The solution must thus include ENDING the Brainwashing of Voters to NOT follow the False Doctrines of Men regarding abortion.

Tactics Question:
What are the Psychological Secrets to changing the hearts and minds of voters so they no longer blindly follow the False Doctrines of Male Church Leaders? To fully understand the answer to that question, you need to understand what I label as the LVBS. You need to understand how the Motivational Psychology drive for social respect programs your mind with Social Values, how the Survival Instinct Drive for Social Belonging causes blind obedience to My Church Rulers, how the Survival Instinct Drive for Self Worth also causes Mind Slavery to My Church Rulers, and many other factors in the dynamics of human behavioral decisions.

I don't have time to explain everything here, so I will skip to the conclusion. The best plan consists of educating the voting public as to the following facts.
- Selling Guns of Mass Destruction to the Terrorist Enemies of the United States America is an act of TREASON against the United States of America.
- Anti American Gun Corporate Politicians are participating in TREASON
- Voting for Gun Corporate Republicans is voting to KILL OUR CHILDREN.
- Jesus Christ said Church Leaders teach the FALSE Doctrines of Men.
- It has been Scientifically PROVEN that Church Leader teach FALSE Doctrines.
- Jesus Christ said following the Doctrines of Church Leaders means that your worship of God is "in vain" and thus without merit.
- The Doctrine of Men that a Zygote is a Person is Provably FALSE.
- Opposing Abortion is promoting Reproductive Slavery of Women, which is a sin that can send you to Hell.
- We need to start a New Christian Reformation Movement to reject the FALSE Doctrines of Church Leaders and return to the commands of Jesus Christ.
- Corporate Republicans worship the Religion of Money.
- Pastors, Priests, and Church Leaders are BRIBED by the Radical Super Rich servants of the Anti Christ to be Servants of Money and teach the doctrines of the Religion of Money, rather than being Servants of God who teach the doctrines of Jesus Christ.

I can fully explain why this is best, but I will touch on some points here. American voters HATE terrorists and terrorism. Tapping into the emotional energy of hate and anger can trigger strong voter action. Educating voters to the FACT that Gun Corporate Republicans are GUILTY of the TREASON of Arming the terrorist enemies of the United States of America, will create enough HATE and ANGER at the Gun Corporate Senator TRAITORS to kick them out of office. However, if voters are brainwashed to care more about ending abortion than ending the terrorist murder of our children, then Gun Corporate Senator Traitors will remain in office to keep killing American children. Therefore, we must convince voters that the idea that "a Zygote is a person" is a FALSE Doctrine of Men. IF we do NOT do THAT, THEN we CAN NOT save OUR CHILDREN from Gun Terrorism! We CAN use the words of Jesus Christ, theological argument, and logical argument to PROVE that the idea that "a Zygote is a person" is a FALSE doctrine of The Religion of Money. THAT is the ONLY WAY to SAVE OUR CHILDREN!

Delivery Question:
How can we effectively reach and convince enough voters to kick Gun Corporate Republican TRAITORS out of office, so a Universal Background Bills will pass? There are over 200 million America voters, of which about 122 million voted in the 2012 election. In Red states the Anti American Corporate Republican may win the election with a 60 percent majority, despite being the puppets of Anti American Corporations that off shore American jobs to Communist China and the puppets of Gun Corporation TRAITORS who arm terrorists to KILL American children. Given that Corporate Politicians may NEVER end the Senate filibuster, we need to swing 20 percent of the vote to have a 65 vote majority in the Senate. Remember, even a 60 vote Democratic majority is not enough, since some Corporate Democrats vote with Corporate Republicans when there is a Senate filibuster.

So, how can we reach and convince 20 percent of the voters, or 25 million voters,  that they should kick Gun Corporate Republican Senator TRAITORS out of office? How can we convince them to either believe: (A) It is more important to vote on the issue of ending Gun Terrorism than vote on the issue of abortion, or (B) It is God's will that voters allow women the Freedom to Choose?

The answer, overcome the problem areas by doing the following:
1) Overcome Radical Super Rich mass marketing with People Powered Grass Roots Conversion of voters with informational flyers, informational DVDs, and public Grass Roots Town Hall style discussion on religion and politics.
2) Pound Gun Corporate Senators with the hate label TRAITOR and make it stick.
2) Start a New Christian Reformation Movement to reject Servants of Money church leaders who teach doctrines of the Religion of Money.

Question: Are you AFRAID to call United Senators "TRAITORS" and call church leaders "followers of the Religion of Money"? Then, realize that it is THE TRUTH and if you do NOT speak this TRUTH, then OUR CHILDREN WILL DIE!

Question: Are United States Senators guilty of TREASON?

In the book, None Dare Call it Treason was the following introductory statement.

Treason doth never prosper. The reason?
If treason prospers, then none dare call it treason.

The TRUTH IS, arming the Terrorism Enemies of the United States of America with Guns of Mass Destruction that kills OUR CHILDREN, IS an ACT of TREASON. The TRUTH IS, when Gun Corporate Republicans Filibuster and prevent a vote on Universal Background Checks on Guns, it allows Gun Companies to ARM TERRORISTS. Does TREASON stop being TREASON just because it is an act of a United States Senator? IF we do NOT call those Senators TRAITORS and kick them out of office, THEN OUR CHILDREN will DIE!

Question: Do we NEED a New Christian Reformation Movement?

People close their eyes and ears to a painful truth, to avoid that emotional pain, but then die because they had their eyes and ears closed to the danger. Since human Self Worth and Social Belonging is based on blind loyalty to social authority, humans do not want to see some truths that will KILL them. Have the COURAGE to SEE THE PAINFUL TRUTH.

The Radical Super Rich in America are seeking to destroy democracy and establish an Economic Dictatorship in America and the world. Since the Anti Christ also wants to establish and rule a Global Economic Dictatorship, that makes the Radical Super Rich of the Unites States of America, SERVANTS of the Anti Christ! They live by Satan's Religion of Money. Satan's Radical Super Rich bribe Corporate Politicians and Corporate Church Leaders to serve Satan's Religion of Money. They give money, TV programs, and TV stations to religious leaders who agree to teach the doctrines of the Religion of Money, rather than the doctrines of Jesus Christ. Weak minded voters are then BRAINWASHED by Corporate Politicians, Corporate Media, Corporate Church Media, and Religion of Money Church Leaders.

The ONLY WAY to SAVE AMERICA from being ruled by the Anti Christ is for THE PEOPLE to reject Satan's Religion of Money and the Corporate Church Leaders who are Servants of the Religion of Money. The ONLY WAY that CAN happen is if there is a MASSIVE Grass Roots Christian Reformation Movement! YES. It is ESSENTIAL!

READ my ONLINE FLYER!!! You can see how EASY it is to present convincing Biblical and logical arguments to EXPOSE and DEFEAT the Religion of Money in American Corporate Controlled Churches!

ADVICE: to Labor Unions and Workers.
Do YOU as an American worker LOVE YOURSLF and YOUR CHILDREN ENOUGH to WANT $10,000 to $50,000 per year in MOR INCOME? IF unemployed or underemployed the income of you and your children can be improved by $50,000 per year. Even if well employed, income can improve by $10,000 per year from a better Labor Market and improved power of labor.

WHY are workers in America NOT Demanding MORE JOBS?!!! WHY do workers NOT LOVE THEIR CHILDREN enough to:  DEMAND a BAN on Slave Wage Factory Imports, Taxing the Super Rich to Finance Job Creating Government Spending, and establishment of Economic Democracy, so American workers and THEIR CHILDREN will have MORE JOBS and HIGHER WAGES? !!! Do they LOVE their CHIDLREN and WANT their CHILDREN to have $50,000 in MORE INCOME?!!!

Understand the following:

Question: How can we get from HERE (massive unemployment and low wages) to THERE (near ZERO unemployment and much higher incomes)?  By doing the following.

So, do American workers LOVE THEIR CHILDREN? IF so, THEN WHY are they NOT doing the above? !!!


There are several reasons WHY American workers are CHOOSING to LOSE a TRILLION DOLLARS per year. Many voters are not real smart, because they are either too lazy or too afraid to think for themselves and understand the truth. So, they end up voting against their own economic interests because they are MIND SLAVES of the Radical Super Rich, who believe and do what their Anti Christ MIND SLAVE MASTERS order them to do! Even the smarter workers look to labor unions and progressive organizations for leadership and direction. Unfortunately, while the labor movement cares about workers, it has two major problems. (1) Being an ally of the Democratic Party, labor groups do not want to rock the boat by pushing the party too hard. And, (2) they are afraid to take on organized religion out of fear of losing membership.

So, HOW can we change workers, the labor movement, and progressive organizations so they take the bold steps needed to GIVE American workers a TRILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR MORE?!!!

Realize that if we have a massive educations of labor leaders, progressive leaders, and workers, then we can make the needed strategic political moves, and American workers will gain a TRILLION DOLLARS PER YEAR MORE in income!

USA workers will continue to LOSE a TRILLION DOLLARS EVERY YEAR, until USA workers follow my advice!

How can WE get USA workers to follow my advice? I need time and money to recruit followers. But, currently I must work full time and unpaid overtime hours to pay bills and buy food. Either I need to get donations or win the Lottery. Those with money might run a Radio Ad like the following.

Radio Ad:
Voters for Jesus dot com.
American workers, do you Love YOUR children, America, and Jesus Christ? Jesus Christ said the rich should pay taxes and provide for the poor. TRUE Christians DEMAND that taxes be raised on the Super Rich to finance massive Job Creating Government Domestic Spending. Jesus Christ said you can go to Hell for following the FALSE DOCTRINES of Church Leaders! USA! USA! DEMAND a BAN on Slave Wage factory imports to TAKE AMERICAN FACTORY JOBS BACK NOW. SAVE YOUR CHILDREN by changing America into an Economic Democracy.
Voters for Jesus dot com.

ADVICE: to Minorities and Racial Equality Groups.
Minorities in America have many issues, which include the following.

The Racist Rich White Society is denying equal educational opportunity, and thus job opportunities, to the children of minorities. They are targeting minority members for imprisonment for offenses, and do not do an equal amount of "stop and search" on the Super Rich perpetrators of White Collar Crime, who have stolen TRILLIONS of dollars from the American people! They do not protect minorities from violence and death. And, minorities are being denied their Constitutional Right to Vote by either less voting machines or Racist Voter ID Laws.

To END the RACE WAR against minorities, we need to understand the reasons for the existing RACE WAR, who is waging it, and what can be done to end it. The RACE WAR against minorities is actually a part of the CLASS WAR against the Working Class and the poor. The Radical Super Rich in America are waging a WAR AGAINST WORKERS to deny workers jobs and fair wages. Poor and middle class whites also suffer from being denied the same educational opportunities,  job opportunities, and justice rights as those who inherit great wealth and power. But the children of minorities tend to suffer more, due to being even lower on the social ladder.

Many in the minority community and the political liberal community tend to believe that it is racist whites who are waging the RACE WAR against minorities. That is true to an extent, but that is only a surface truth that fails to see a much deeper reality. The Radical Super Rich play a strategic game of Divide and Conquer, to maintain their oppression of both Working Class Whites and Minority Workers. They brainwash members of the Working Class Whites to be racist, and so their Brainwashed Mind SLAVES help maintain the Wage Slavery of minorities, and also VOTE for their own economic oppression! This has been true for over a hundred years! WHEN the rich whites made blacks into slaves, they brainwashed poor whites into thinking their social-economic status was OK, because at least they were not black-slaves, and they were socially respected Good Old Boys, because they accepted their racial superiority over blacks. They did not fully grasp that black-slaves were called Boys, the poor whites were called Good Boys, but the rich white were called Men. The White Working Class, like blacks, were viewed as Boys, while only the Rich White Rulers were viewed as Men! The blacks were the Physical Slaves, while the Working Whites were the Brainwashed White Mind Slaves. As long as the white workers accepted their brainwashing to be racist and accept their own economic oppression, then their Rich Masters would pat them on the head and call them a Good Boy, the same way they verbally rewarded their obedient dogs! Their obedient human dogs helped them to maintain slavery.

IF minorities in America want to END their Racial Oppression, THEN they MUST understand the KEYS to Social Power: form strong alliances and turn enemies into allies.

For example, when white students, older whites, and blacks UNITE and march together for the RIGHT TO VOTE for all three groups, THEN the white parents of white students and white children of the white elderly will not want their children and parents to be jailed, attacked, and killed. They will raise their voices and DEMAND that Congress give VOTING RIGHTS to students, older Americans, and blacks. That united Voting Block will kick the lap dogs of the Radical Super Rich out of the Halls of Congress!

IF Racial Equality Groups can think outside the box, THEN it will be possible to turn the Racist White Working Class of the South into the ALLIES of blacks! What is needed is effective communication to and education of the Obedient Mind Slave Good Boys. WHEN they understand that they were brainwashed into being racist as a part of a Divide and Conquer strategy, to oppress THEM and they are working to help maintain their OWN economic oppression, THEN they may stop being Good Boy Lap Dogs of the Radical Super Rich! WHEN they fully understand that the same people who Off Shored THEIR JOBS and economically destroyed THEIR FAMILY and the economic future of THEIR CHILDREN, are the same ones who are brainwashing them to be racist, THEN they may begin to understand that White Workers and Black Workers are BROTHERS in a common struggle to END the Economic Oppression of BOTH groups!  THEN Southern White Workers will become the Political ALLIES of Black Workers!

Well designed flyers, radio Ads, and DVD voter education classes can help to FREE THE WHITE MIND SLAVES!

Radio Ad:
Voters for Jesus dot com.
Do the White Mind Slaves understand that their Rich Masters have off shored their jobs, economically destroyed their lives, and destroyed the economic future of their children? White workers and black workers are Brothers in a common struggle for more jobs and higher wages for all American workers. When white workers unite with black workers and demand more jobs and higher wages, then they will get more money for themselves and their children. USA! USA! We demand more jobs NOW in the USA!
Voters for Jesus dot com.

There is MUCH MORE that can be done for the minority community. Education is the KEY to Economic Prosperity. More money needs to be spent on Public Education, so everyone has an equal opportunity to economically succeed in life. However, education goes further than just teaching students subjects.

The KEY to Economic Success in Life is LEARNING the KEYS to SUCCESS, which often are not taught in schools. Expensive Private Schools or Success Training Classes for the Super Rich might teach these SECRETS. These include things like the following:  Learning the Cognitive Psychology Keys to learning at a deeper level, so you will make better grades in school; Learning the Motivational Psychology Keys to working harder to succeed; and Learning the Social Empowerment Psychology Keys to having your needs met, so you can succeed. These are Success SECRETS that should be taught to EVERYONE, not just the children of the Super Rich!

I am the INVENTOR of the most advance form of Positive Change Psychology, and I can help develop a plan so minority students can be taught these SECRETS for FREE!!!

IF Racial Equality Groups REALLY want to help the children of minorities to Economically Succeed, THEN follow my political advice AND support my work to TEACH MILLIONS of students my Life Success Training Class!

ADVICE: to Women and Pro Freedom of Choice Organizations.
Women have many issues, including the following:

To be honest, men have many of the same issues that women have. Men and women both have less happy lives, because there is lack of understanding, love, and compassion between men and women. Both men and women are victims of violence, rape, and murder. A much larger number of men are victims of murder. A much larger number of men are severely injured or die on the battle field in war or on hazardous job, because men are the Disposable Gender. Kill off half the male population of a Tribe, but protect the Women and Children, and that Tribe can still grow in size. That is why people always talk about Protecting the Women and Children and NEVER say Protect the MEN, Women, and Children! Both Genders have health issues, but men die five years younger than women and so have far greater health issues. Both sexes are subject to the Sexual Role Model Curses on Adam and Eve of Male Rulers, Female Child Bearers, Male Providers, and Male Protectors. When women are forced to have babies they do not want to have, men are often forced to pay for the babies that neither they nor the woman wanted.

Those who promote hatred and lack of compassion between men and women, are the cause of the Evil Social Values that cause hate and violence between men and women. Sexist people argue that the best way to help women is to hurt men, and the best way to help men is to hurt women. Good and Loving people believe that the best way to help either sex is to work to unite the sexes to work together to help both sexes. Just as it is Racist to seek hatred and War between the Races, it is Sexist to seek hatred and War between the Sexes. Just as militant men who abuse women and other men are Evil, militant women who abuse men and other women are also Evil.

People need to fully understand that the division in the world is NOT between YOUR race, sex, class, or religions and THE ENEMY race, sex, class, or religion. That attitude is EVIL and is the ROOT CAUSE of hatred and violence between people of different social groups. The ABUSE of all races, both sexes, all classes, and all religions ENDS, WHEN people learn to LOVE other social groups as much as they LOVE their own! THAT is an extension of the Two Greatest Commandments, taught by Jesus Christ. To SAVE ALL people, what is really needed is a LOVE Movement, that teaches ALL people to live by the Four Greatest Commandments, based on the words of Jesus Christ and ideas from Zen Buddhism.

There IS a WAR AGAINST WOMEN, as there IS a WAR AGAINST MEN. In fact, there is a WAR AGAINST LOVE and COMPASSION between men and women. A part of the WAR AGAINST WOMEN is to force women into being Reproductive Slaves.

Some in the women's movement may not want to talk about the Sexual Slavery of Women, because they do not want to be seen as comparing the slavery of blacks with the oppression of women. However, there are different forms of slavery, which should be recognized. Blacks were Physical Slaves. White Southern Workers are WHITE MIND SLAVES of the rich and powerful. Women are subjected to Sexual Slavery and Reproductive Slavery, where they are not free to own and control their own bodies. This is not to say that being a Reproductive Slave or being a White Mind Slave is as bad as being a Physical Slave. But, we must recognize all forms of slavery.

Denying women health care and Reproductive Freedom is a part of the WAR AGAINST WOMEN. QUESTIONS: Who is waging the war and what is the best strategy for ending the suffering and slavery of women?

It is the Religion of Male Rule that teaches men to sexually rule over women and to deny women the freedom of choice. When men believe that "being a man" means ruling over women and that it is "God's will" for men to rule over women, then men have no empathy for those they "rule over", they may abuse and rape women and believe it is morally right to do so, and they may deny women their freedom to own and control their own bodies.

As long as men are brainwashed by Corporate Churches to believe the FALSE DOCTRINES of  the Religion of Male Rule, then many men will continue to vote based on the FALSE DOCTRINE that a one cell Zygote is a person. As a result, many workers will vote for Corporate Politicians who TAKE THEIR JOBS AWAY, and many women will continue to be subjected to unhappiness, rape, and Reproductive Slavery. The ONLY WAY to SAVE WOMEN is to DEFEAT AND DESTROY the Religion of Male Rule! The BEST way to do that is to start a NEW Christian Reformation Movement!

I, Dale Lee Harris, could lead such a movement. Whoever leads it, my logical and biblical arguments must to be taught to TENS of MILLIONS of American voters in order to SAVE WOMEN. My ideas in my flyers and writings are THE KEYS to converting Christians to REJECT the FALSE DOCTRINES of Church leaders, who are Servants of Money rather than God, and then endorse Sexual Equality Theology.

My logical and theological arguments in my writings include the following.

PROOF: Zygotes are NOT People

Since people vote based  on their religious beliefs, the ONLY WAY to FREE WOMEN through elections is to CHANGE people's religious beliefs. My proposed NEW Christian Reformation Movement is the ONLY EFFECTIVE WAY of doing just that. Distribution of my logical and theological arguments is THE ONLY WAY to SAVE WOMEN.

IF my books, my classes, and my theological arguments do NOT reach MILLIONS of Americans, THEN women will NEVER be SAVED from unhappiness, rape, and Reproductive Slavery. MILLIONS of women will CONTINUE to suffer from unhappiness, rape, and slavery!

I sense that some in the women's movement are opposed to me or any other man taking a leadership role in SAVING WOMEN. Some militant women say that no man can be called a feminist, but must rather be called a pro feminist. Some militant women oppose men being leaders over women. Is it due to their own lust for power over women, and a jealousy of women looking up to and respecting men? WHEN Evil Militant women OPPOSE the work of men to SAVE WOMEN, because they seek to sabotage male leadership over women, then they are acting to HURT WOMEN!

The truth is, women have TWO MAJOR enemies:
1) The Religion of Male Rule attacks and enslaves women from the front.
2) Evil Militant Women stab women in the back.
WHEN Evil Militant Women opposed my books that would have helped to END RAPE and opposed my class that would have helped to END RAPE, it was an ACT OF WAR AGAINST WOMEN. Evil Militant Women are Backstabbers of Women and work to oppose and sabotage work to END RAPE.

My books and my class would have ended the social and psychological root causes of rape, as well as teach people to live happier lives through greater shared love. IF women had been GRATEFUL for my work to HELP WOMEN, and helped my class reach MILLIONS, THEN MILLIONS of women would have already been SAVED! WHEN working to help women results in ZERO or NEGATIVE appreciation, THEN men are driven away from helping women, and women are NEVER SAVED.

The Evil Militant Lesbian WAR Against Heterosexual Women.
The SCUM Manifesto
starts out by saying, "We will kill all men", but also says they will "bust up" heterosexual men and women in couples. They hate heterosexual women too. WHEN evil militant women hate, slander, threaten, and punish a man for making women happy, it is an ACT OF WAR against women. Perhaps heterosexual men and women need to unite and Strike a Blow for Heterosexual Love against the Enemies of Heterosexual Love! Good and Loving Men and Women need to unite, start a Love Movement, and become the Champions of Love. When I was young I had a vivid dream of meeting the Goddess of Love, who told me I would be her Champion and defeat those who are threatening her.

The Satanic Roots of Misandry
Misandry is the hatred of men and a War Against the Male Gender. However, the Taboo Truth that Evil Militant Lesbians do not want women to know is that Evil Militant Lesbians are not just AT WAR with heterosexual men, but are also AT WAR against heterosexual women! "Busting up" heterosexual women for sharing pleasure with heterosexual men, is certainly not an act of love and kindness toward heterosexual women. The SCUM Manifesto is contained in the appendix of the book Sisterhood is Powerful. SCUM stands for Society for Cutting Up Men, and they mean that literally. But their acts of hating, slandering, threatening, and punishing heterosexual men for making heterosexual women happy, is also an act of hatred and war against heterosexual women.

I heard more than one militant woman in the work environment say or imply that good and loving women at bars who share pleasure with Male Lovers are Whores. Their Sexual Slander of Good and Loving Heterosexual Women at Bars is thus an ACT OF WAR against heterosexual women. Their War Against Heterosexuality thus includes both heterosexual men and heterosexual women. It is EVIL when Militant Women hate, sexually slander, traumatically threaten, and economically punish a man for being a Heterosexual Lover with Good and Loving Women at Bars in order to force him to not be a Heterosexual Lover. Busting Up men and women for being heterosexual is just plain EVIL. Men and women have the RIGHT to be heterosexual and have the RIGHT to share love and pleasure. It is obvious that EVIL Militant Lesbians hate men and women for being heterosexual and want to sexually slander and use what ever means they can to stop men and women from being heterosexual. If they did not hate men and women for being heterosexual, then they would not make hateful statements like, "All Heterosexual sex is rape." And they certainly would not reveal their War Against Heterosexual Love by putting in print in their official SCUM Manifesto a statement like, We will break into mixed male-female couples and bust them up. Their OWN HATEFUL WORDS and their stated intent to Bust Up heterosexuals PROVES their War Against Heterosexuality.

Militant Women should be ASHAMED of themselves for their War Against Heterosexual Love. When they Hate, Sexually Slander, Traumatically Threaten, and Economically Punish heterosexual men and heterosexual women for daring to share love and happiness, it is Sexual Harassment and Sexual Abuse. Sexually Slandering a man for making Good and Loving Women at Bars happy, is Sexual Harassment and an attack on Heterosexual Love. Calling Good and Loving Women at Bars - WHORES is Sexual Harassment of heterosexual women and an ACT OF WAR against heterosexual women. Their EVIL hatred, Sexual Harassment, and Sexual Abuse of heterosexual men and women must stop!

EVIL Militant Lesbians CLAIM to be Champions of Women and Defenders of Women, in order to seduce women into being their friends. But their OWN WORDS PROVE that they are LIARS! The TRUTH is that they are the Champions of Sexual Hatred who teach Sexual Hatred Studies Classes that teach women to HATE men. By ATTACKING men for Making Women Happy and ATTACKING men for SAVING women from RAPE, they are the CHIEF ENEMIES of Women! By OPPOSING books and classes written to END RAPE, that puts them ON THE SIDE OF RAPE! When they VERBALLY ATTACK Good and Loving Women at Bars, by calling them WHORES for sharing pleasure with Male Lovers, they are ATTACKERS of Women! They are ATTACKERS of Women, the CHIEF ENEMIES of Women, and ON THE SIDE OF RAPE! Behold! The Empress has NO CLOTHES!!!

To quote from a song: I am the eye in the sky, looking at you, I can read your mind. Realize that I may be the most powerful telepath in the nation. So, I know all about your Sexual LIES, the deceptive games you play, and your secret faults. Your opposition to my work to SAVE Women was a fatal mistake. Women will NEVER forgive you for your ACT OF WAR against women! By opposing my books, my class, and my work to SAVE women from Human Suffering, you stopped millions of women from being saved from their suffering, therefore you are personally responsible for the continued suffering and death of millions of women! YOU have the blood of millions of women on your head and on your hands. Women know that YOU are responsible for their suffering and their death.

As a telepath who can see into your heart, your mind, and your soul, I know you better than you know yourself, because you close your eyes to your own evil. Let me take you on a journey into the depths of your heart, mind, and soul, so that you can see your own evil. By opposing work to save women from suffering, your actions prove that you care far more about your sexual hatred and lust for sexual power over others than you do about honest love and compassion for the suffering of women. Your claimed compassion for women is thus a LIE, and a rationalized excuse for your hatred and lust for power. Look into the mirror and look deeply into your own eyes, and as the surface image blurs, you will see another image begin to emerge, a demon looking back at you. That demon from Hell is you. Sexual hatred and lust for sexual power over others is both the personality traits of a male rapist of women and of a militant female abuser of men and women. You are a male rapist in a woman's body. Militant men rape women out of hatred and lust for power in order to punish women. Your hatred and lust for power has caused you to punish millions of women with rape, suffering, and death. WHY did you punish women with opposition to my work to save them? The bloody knife you hold in your hand is what you used to stab female society in the back with. You are the killer of the love and happiness of women. Your private Hell will be when you hear millions of women screaming at you for opposing the work that would have saved them, and you will know that they are right. Your rapist like Sexual Hatred and lust for Sexual Power over others has destroyed the lives of millions of women. Women understand that YOU are their CHIEF ENEMY.

In the book Who Stole Feminism is the viewpoint that militant lesbians took control of the Women's Movement and use it for their own private agenda, rather than the original agenda of honestly helping all woman. Does the women's movement complement men for making women happy, support men who help women, and make men leaders of work to help women? Or does it rather say that: No man can call himself a feminist, but must rather call himself a pro-feminist, and men must not take a leadership role?

Many in the Men's Movement believe that Militant Lesbians are the Roots of Misandry. The "We will kill all men" statement is certainly supporting evidence, along with other hateful statements like "All men are rapists" and "all heterosexual sex is rape". Perhaps men should say, ALL Evil Militant Lesbians are RAPISTS, because they rape other women and they promote the social values of Sexual Hatred that causes rape.

However, the Roots of Misandry go deeper. In the book, An Anthology of Western Marxism we read that Marxist Feminism views women as the "Oppressed Sex Class". Thus, women need a Revolution to overthrow male rule in society. In the book Was Karl Marx a Satanist, we read about Marx being called "my dear devil", writing about a Satanic Rite, and other evidence of the Satanic Roots of Marxism. Are some militant women in fact witches who have crossed over to the Dark Side? Thus, the deepest Roots of Misandry are Satanic in nature.

The Heart of Satan is Racial Hatred, Sexual Hatred, Class Hatred, Religious Hatred, and Lust for Power. Demons from Hell in Human Flesh have the Heart of Satan. The Satanic Heart of Racial Hatred causes Nazis to want to "Kill all Jews". The Satanic Heart of Sexual Hatred causes Militant Lesbians to want to "Kill all men". They may justify their Satanic Hatred by claiming to be the Champions of their Race, Sex, Class, or Religion. But, those are little more than Satanic LIES! The idea that hating, hurting, and killing others or members of some other social group is some kind of VIRTUE that helps YOU or YOUR social group is one of SATAN's LIES. Satanic HATRED is no VIRTUE. Satanic HATRED is just EVIL.

My ADVICE to WOMEN is this.


ADVICE: to Rural Americans and the Family Farm Survival Movement.
There is a Corporate Republican Party WAR against Family Farms and Rural Communities! They are DESTROYING the economic survival of rural farmers with their drought producing fossil fuel air pollution.  They worsen the problem by opposing any government spending program to pipe water to dry farm land or do anything to help end drought conditions. They oppose government programs to help family farms with supplemental wind mill income, which could also supply energy to pump water to dry land. They conspire to POISON the water and food on family farms, through Oil Fracking and pumping of Oil Toxic Waste over rural farm land. They bankrupt family farms, and help finance the takeover of family farms by Corporate Farms, owned by rich investors in large cities. They give patent rights to Corporate Agriculture, so farmers must paying higher prices for seed and other farm supply needs. They attack the CHILDREN of Rural Americans by cutting education budgets, and thus harming the economic future of the children.

There is a Corporate Republican Party WAR against Family Farms and Rural America, but no one is talking about it! Why?

No one is talking about the Corporate Republican WAR on farmers, because farmers are NOT demanding an END to the WAR! As long as you do not fight back against a bully, then you will continue to be abused. Do farmers and the rural community complain about Corporate Oil causing drought and water pollution and doing nothing to pay Economic damages to farmers? Do farmers DEMAND raising taxes on the Super Rich to finance Solar and Wind Energy Farms on Family Farms, to supplement the income of farm families? IF congress can give BILLIONS of dollars of tax payer money to Oil Companies, THEN it can give BILLIONS of dollars to family farms for income from Solar Panels and Wind Mills. IF Corporate Republicans will NOT give as much money to family farms as they do to Corporate Farms and Corporate Oil, then rural American farmers should KICK EVERY Corporate Republican out of office!  That is the ONLY WAY Congress will listen to and serve the needs of farm families!

Rural American Farm Communities, Understand This:
The ONLY reason Corporate Republicans have a large number of members of the United States House and Senate is due to voters in rural farmland. And, when they are elected by YOU, they are STABBING YOU IN THE BACK, by taking the side of the Corporate Enemies of family farms! YOU can get, reduced drought conditions, water supplies to help end drought, prevention of ground water pollution, additional income from solar and wind, and a better education and future for YOUR CHILDREN. All you have to do is DEMAND it and kick Corporate Republicans out of office if they do not give you what you DEMAND!

Also, go shopping around politically to get a better deal for family farms from the politicians running for office. Many Progressive Democrats would LOVE to support programs to better help family farm communities.

Besides, Jesus Christ wants you to elect Progressive Democrats. Jesus Christ taught the Progressive Values of the rich paying taxes and providing for the poor. So, of course Jesus Christ would like people elected who support the moral values that he taught. Jesus Christ said that those who "teach for doctrines the commandments of men" in fact worship Jesus in vain. Matthew 15:9. The Soul is the spiritual part of you that thinks and makes decisions. A one cell Zygote does not think and make decisions, and therefore has no soul and is NOT a Person. Therefore, it is a FALSE DOCRTINE of MEN. According to Jesus Christ, teaching for doctrine this FALSE command of men, means your worship of Jesus Christ is in vain and thus will do nothing to save you. Rather, teach for doctrine the commands of Jesus Christ, that the rich should pay taxes and provide for the poor! TRUE Christians vote Progressive!

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Voters For Jesus dot com.
Farmers of America, do you love your children, America, and God? Jesus Christ taught that the rich should pay taxes to provide for the poor. Christian Values and love for our children demands that tax money be used to provide for a good education for our children, as well as government programs for water relief, prevention of ground water pollution, and wind mill farms. Wind Mill Farms on family farms is America's energy future. IF you love your family, America, and God, then elect Progressive Democrats.
Voters For Jesus dot com.

ADVICE to THE WORLD: END ALL Human Suffering!!!
We CAN END the vast majority of human suffering. THE WAY is to spiritually transform the political-economic-social-environmental system of the nations of the world from Self-Other to Good-Evil! I do not have the time and money that I need to reach billions of people with my message in order to SAVE BILLIONS. I will focus first on working with groups in America to save America. But, those in other nations can read my web pages and look for downloadable documents and classes. They can help spread my ideas to every nation on planet Earth. Doing so will help the nations of the world move toward the changes needed to end the vast majority of human suffering in all nations on planet Earth. To the degree my ideas are spread and reach million to billions of people, there can be a spiritual transformation that can save millions to billions of people from human suffering. So, do what you can to help spread my ideas to the nations of the world.

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The billionaire Anti Christ rules America. The Holy Bible says the Anti Christ is an Economic dictator. The United States IS an Economic Dictatorship. The Corporate Republican Party and Corporate Church of the Religion of Money are servants of the Anti Christ. Jesus Christ said if you follow the doctrines of Church leaders, then your worship of God is in Vain. Mark 7:7. Zygotes cannot think and make decisions, and therefore have no soul and are not people. The Values of Jesus advocate raising taxes on the Super Rich to finance job creating government spending. TRUE Christians vote Progressive.
Voters for Jesus dot com.

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Corporate Republicans are ANTI Conservative! The English word Conservative is derived from the root word Conserve. Therefore, a "conservative" is "one who conserves". A conservative seeks to conserve the environment with environmentalism, and conserve our energy supply by using renewable energy. Republicans are against those things, therefore Republicans are anti-Conservative. A complete conservative seeks to conserve all things, not just traditional values. Conserving the environment is actually the most important part of Conservatism for the survival of the human species! In fact, Corporate Republicans are also opposed to conserving the traditional Christian values of Jesus Christ! Jesus Christ taught that the rich should pay taxes and provide for the poor, but Religion of Money Republicans reject those teachings of Jesus Christ! TRUE Conservatives vote Democrat!
Voters for Jesus dot com.

NOTE: I give credit to Norman Goldman at for the idea that Democrats are actually more Conservative than Republicans. I am the inventor of the idea that people should rise above the Political Spectrum of Liberal-Moderate-Conservative to become Utopians who endorse all virtues, rather than descending below it to become Doomers who endorse all vices. I say that while Conservatism has the virtue of what I call Macro Humanitarianism, and Liberalism has the virtue of what I call Micro Humanitarianism, each has the vice of lacking the virtue the other has. Therefore, Conservatism is partially bad, Liberalism is partially good, Utopianism is completely good, and Doomism is completely bad. However, it is very insightful and helpful to educate the voting public, that has been brainwashed into believing that Conservative is Good and Liberal is Bad, into fully understand that Republicans are ANTI Conservative and Democrats are MORE Conservative!

IF Democrats ran TV and Radio Ads to educate the public to fully understand THE DEFINITION of the word Conservative, and the FACT that Democrats are MORE Conservative in many ways, THEN it could WIN ELECTIONS by ENDING BRAINWAHSING! For far too long Democrats have allowed Republicans to be Alice in Wonderlanders who use words to mean what ever they want them to mean. An educated and informed voting public is no longer mind slave brainwashed voters who are psychologically controlled to vote the way their Puppet Masters order them to vote, through Corporate Media.

Life Success Training by Dale Lee Harris
How to have a Happy, Meaningful, Prosperous, and Long Life.

More on this in the future. There is so much I could do for the world, if only I had the political and economic support that I needed to have the time and money to SAVE MILLIONS to BILLIONS of people and give the world TRILLIONS of dollars worth of income and social value! I am very busy working to buy food and pay bills. Maybe someday I will get the support that I need to SAVE BILLIONS and give the world TRILLIONS. Otherwise, BILLIONS will continue to suffer and die, and people will miss out on TRILLIONS.

The FUTURE of the Human Species
Will YOU help to SAVE the Human Species?

I wrote my first book, Jesus Christ's World Utopia for two major reasons. The first was to point THE WAY to a Utopian World, ruled by the spiritual teachings of Love and Oneness, which ends the Root Causes of human suffering. The second was to help move the world away from Satan's Doom's Day Ideology which threatens to EXTERMINATE THE HUMAN SPECIES. There was opposition to my book and my efforts to help avert the Extermination of the Human Species. After the threat of my book not being in book stores and nobody buying and reading my book, I looked for other ways to get my message to the people who could change the future of the world. I sent a copy of my book together with a flyer to all members of the United States House and Senate to urge them to push the Soviet Union to democratize in order to avert the Global Nuclear Extermination of the Human Species. Luckily for the world, the Soviet Union did democratize and the human species is still here, for now.

However, America and the world are at a cross roads between spiritually evolving upward toward a Utopian World devoted to ending all human suffering, or evolving downward toward a Doom's Day World ruled by the Anti Christ, the Radical Super Rich, and the Religion of Money. The ONLY thing that can save humanity is the Spiritual Rebirth of the Human Species. YOU can do one of three things.

  1. Work for the suffering and death of humans, by following the Radical Super Rich, Corporate Brainwashing Media, the Corporate Republican Party, and the Religion of Money and Economic Dictatorship.
  2. Sit on the side lines and tell yourself that it is not your responsibility as a member of the human species to work to help the human species.
  3. Do what little you can to help spread TRUTH and LOVE in the world to lead others to Enlightenment and Oneness.

I have very little time and money to do anything to help Save the WORLD. I realize that you are also busy with your life and work to pay bills and put food on the table. So, I am not asking anyone to join some spiritual commune or spend time and money that they do not have. All I am asking is for each person to just do something very simple. Share TRUTH and LOVE with others. Ask others to come to this web page, read it, think about it, prey about it, and then tell others about this web page. Perhaps spreading TRUTH and LOVE will have the power to help the world through its Time of Great Suffering which is the coming Spiritual Rebirth of the Human Species.

A woman suffers during the time of birth and the Placenta must die to give birth to a new life. Likewise, the Placenta of the Animal Nature must die in humans, for the Spiritual Rebirth of the Human Species. It will be a time of great suffering. That suffering can be far less, if only we, the Spiritual Midwives of Humanity, spread TRUTH and LOVE to guide humanity in its rebirth and ease the suffering and pain of that time. I ask that YOU become a Spiritual Midwife of Humanity. I ask that YOU help to spread TRUTH and LOVE. Prey about it and ask God to give you direction on what you might be able to do to lead others to TRUTH and LOVE. I ask that you read my other web pages, download and watch my class, and gain an understanding of my teachings on how to Save the World through a Spiritual Transformation of humans and society from a Self-Other Animal Nature to a Good-Evil Spiritual Nature.

The KEY to SAVING American and the World from the vast majority of human suffering is to Spiritually Transform humans and society from what I call a Self-Other Animal Nature to a Good-Evil Spiritual Nature. WE can SAVE HUNDREDS of MILLIONS of people from violence, rape, murder, slavery, oppression, poverty, hunger, disease, disaster, and all forms of human suffering!

HOW to SAVE the WORLD from Human Suffering

As I explain in my book, Self Transformation Psychology, the three forms of human suffering are: Individual Based, Society Based, and Nature Based. Therefore, to End All Human Suffering we must change what I, Dale Lee Harris, call the Loyality-Value-Belief System of individuals, the Political-Economic Systems of Nations, and our Relationship with Nature. The following must be done.

If these things are done, then hundreds of millions of people can be SAVED from suffering and death.

My ideas are taught in my books, my classes, and my web pages. Read through my web pages and watch my free downloadable class for a better understanding of my ideas. Some of the key ideas that everyone needs to be taught are represented by the following diagrams.

What is the Spiritual Transformation from the Self-Other Animal Nature to the Good-Evil Spiritual Nature? It is an Enlightened Understanding that the Good of Other is an essential part of the REAL YOU and the Evil of Self is a part of the ANTI YOU. First I explain the basic difference between my concepts of Self-Other and Good-Evil by asking people where they draw the line of division between what is "Self" and what is "Other".

 Divisions  Self  Other
 Good  Good of Self  Good of Other
 Evil  Evil of Self  Evil of Other

I also explain the personality differences between a Self-Other person and a Good-Evil person.

 System  Self-Other  Good-Evil
 Loyalty  Selfish Hate  Compassionate Love
 Value  Evil  Good
 Belief  Falsehood  Truth

How can we END Society based Human Suffering? By transforming the Political-Economic Systems of nations. How can we do that? By teaching voters in all nations to understand the following. First I explain the Political Spectrum and how one can rise above it by combining the virtues of all three basic elements or descend below by combining the vices of all three basic elements.

( Good )
 Liberal  Moderate  Conservative
( Evil )

I also explain how the ideological viewpoint is applied to the Economic System that a person supports.

   Economic Democracy
( Good )
 Socialism  Capitalistic-Socialism  Capitalism
   Economic Dictatorship
( Evil )

We can SAVE the WORLD from much human suffering and help reduce human suffering during the coming time of Great Human Suffering from the Spiritual Rebirth of the Human Species. To do so we must teach the people of the world to obtain Enlightenment by Seeing and Understanding the Light of TRUTH and to obtain Oneness through LOVE for God and Others. We can SAVE the World only by POSITIVELY CHANGING the World.